Ryan Seascrest on a Moral High Brings “Married to Jonas” to E!

I maybe the only one who caught on to this after seeing E!’s new show line up recently revealed at a typical star-studded bash in Hollywood.  But, is the entertainment network targeting a younger and morally correct audience with Ryan Seacrest’s new show “Married to Jonas?   That’s Jonas in the singular because the new reality […]

‘The Hunger Games’ Rating: Did the MPAA get it Right?

The MPAA has given ‘The Hunger Games’ a PG-13 rating, and given ‘Bully’ an R. Kids can watch kids killing kids, but not kids swearing at other kids. Read the rest of the article at TheWrap.com.    

“Project X” Movie Leads to Copycats, Arrests and a Death

Is this a case of life imitating art? I hope you can clarify this for me after reading this post. At times it feels as if I am the only one speaking out against Hollywood portraying teenagers as debauched, misguided criminals to increase their box-office take in.  But after I read about about a slew of incidents […]

Proven: Hollywood’s Pretend use of Alcohol in Movies Contributes to Real Teen Drinking

A new study reveals that the use of alcohol in movies influences minors to drink. The study conducted by Dartmouth Medical School researchers and published in the British Medical Journal BMJ Open, shows that teenagers and children are likely to be more influenced by what they see in films than what their parents teach them. For those of us […]

Restrained Ricky Gervais Made for Forgettable Golden Globes

The Golden Globes kicked off the 2012 Awards Season for the already accolade-ridden Hollywood crowd. But what most of us look forward to in watching the industry pat itself on the back each year are the fashions and the unpredictability of the live broadcasts; fumbling of lines or some wardrobe or teleprompter malfunctions add a little […]