Good Bye American Idol! Will I See You Again?

  Lee Dewyz American Idol 2010 winner. Photo Credit Micheal Becker/Fox American Idol was worth watching last night if anything for the popular retro acts that graced the Nokia's stage and took most of us middle aged (What?)  viewers down memory lane; Alice Cooper, Bee Gees, Hall and Oats, Janet Jackson and Chicago made me get on […]

Milk Does an Aging Body Good

Drinking more milk is one thing I should do more often. I usually only drink it in my lattes, but lately I've tried to down a glass or two to help my bones and overall appearance. Yes, milk should be a part of our daily nutritional and beauty routine, but it usually isn't. I'm getting […]

Latest at “Incredible Trifecta of Tarts”

What an incredible Trifecta of Tarts hit the media outlets recently! In first place is the 7 year old “Single Ladies” video of a hip hop dance contest for tender tots which shows them popping and grinding with their best Beyonce impersonation, and clad in Victoria Secret-like underwear.   Coming in second is the HOrrific Miley […]

Mother of All Garage Sales To Help Steve Wampler Foundation

Do you like garage sales like I like garage sales? Well, the mother of all yard sales is tomorrow, Saturday May 22nd, at D Ave in Coronado, and starts at 7AM! All proceeds will benefit the Wampler Camp for Children with Disabilities. This organization is headed by Stephen J. Wampler who has dedicated his life to raising awareness about the disease […]

Review: “Shrek Forever After” is Ri-donkey-lously Funny!

Grab your kids and your kids' friends and head to the movies this weekend to watch Shrek Forever After – you'll be glad you did. I'm showing off my “Who The Shrek Are You” OPI Manicure. Look for the special Shrek colors now available. The fourth and finall installment in the Shrek franchise is a delightfully scripted comedy for […]