Posh Meets Casual Dining at The Patio on Lamont in Pacific Beach

The Patio on Lamont Street, which opened in 2012 in Pacific Beach, is a cozy restaurant with a definite neighborhood-eatery vibe. It also pleasantly lacks the usual seaside environment and the sand-clad clientele. The décor is a careful balance of Old-World elegance (mirrors and chandeliers in the main dining room) with a touch of Zen; its casual yet stylishly modern furnishings […]

Memorable Culinary Class at Cups La Jolla

Stepping into this mod cupcakery makes you giddy as soon as you cross the threshold; the hot pink décor and spunky surroundings are part of the all-encompassing experience that is Cups La Jolla — a bakery serving up more than unique organic, edible masterpieces in environmentally-friendly containers. Cups was the first San Diego restaurant to be awarded a 3-Star Green Restaurant Certification. But don’t let the front of the store fool you. Walk through the kitchen (or come in the back entrance), and you’ll end up in the state-of-the-art culinary classroom outfitted with two fully-equipped kitchen counters complete with ceiling-mounted flat screen TVs focusing your attention on the food preparation below.

Restaurant Review: Hip Burger Lounge Offers Healthier Burger

Are you aware of the latest Burger revival? No, not the $1 menu or no-trans-fats claims. Burger boutiques like Burger Lounge …