Incredible 2-Hour Turkey Recipe Worked for Me!

If you're like me, you probably don't have time to plan and cook a traditional Thanksgiving family feast from scratch, but I know we'd all love to this for our families. From purchasing a frozen turkey, making sure it's completely thawed by cooking time, to home-made stuffing and pumpkin pie, it's all very overwhelming.

Smile for Thanksgiving

Thanks to my friend Marcia for this unique turkey presentation!

Venice, California gets Loot

  Photo by Suzette Valle The week-end before Thanksgiving, we drove to Venice, California to attend a private party and presentation of LOOT, Sharon Waxman's latest piece de resistance about stolen antiquities. The gathering was hosted by three of Sharon's good friends, Paula Silver (marketing exec. for the now classic movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding), Liz Ondaatje, […]

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A few weeks ago, I had to borrow my daughter's cell phone to make a call because I'd left mine at home. I thought this was a simple request; she would be at softball practice while I went grocery shopping so she wouldn't need her phone anyway. After posing the question, I got a serious stare accompanied by the declaration, “My phone is personal, mom”.