Movie review: 'Welcome To The Rileys'

If you are like me, you probably hadn't heard of Kristen Stewart before “Twilight”.  But if you have teenagers (and even if you don't), after the vampire craze got out of hand, you most likely had enough of seeing Bella's angst-stricken, love-sick face on everything but your corn cereal.  Now that the young actress has […]

Wordless Wednesday – Taylor Momsen is 17 years old. Enough said.

SPARK Summit – Teenage girls get a voice

A groundbreaking movement is a foot!  SPARK Summit or, Sexualization, Protest:  Action, Resistance, Knowledge, gathered in NYC over the weekend to discuss the oversexualization of teens in the media. You've heard about this a lot from me lately, and, in my view, it's great our youth finally have a voice to counterbalance the improper, sexualy-charged overexposure teenage […]

“Hereafter” Movie Review

Tackling a movie about the afterlife is not a joyous (or easy) subject matter, but it is one we are thoroughly intrigued with; when we die, is it really just…over? In the film “Hereafter,” Clint Eastwood takes us on a journey to the unknown through the eyes of three people whose lives intersect by way […]

GQ Glee Cast Over Fantasizing Teens

There's been some backlash over the upcoming GQ magazine cover (no doubt a best seller when it hits stands) which features members of the cast of the television show “GLEE” in sexy poses – one of them in her underwear. The racy pictures in the men's magazine are nothing new; the disgusting part is the fact that they're using adults posing […]