Motovated Magazine Feature’s Local Author Suzette Valle: “Brave New Words”

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Suzette Valle was born in the Mexican border town of Baja California. Despite her upbringing, Suzette stuck with her aspirations and fled to England where she would attend Oxford University. With well respected opinions, Valle has appeared and been featured on Dr. Phil, FoxNews and several other sources. She lives by: “Do 1 thing that […]

Chicago Tribune Interview With Suzette Valle

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To read the full article click here As parents, we are eager to establish traditions with our young families. But we need to keep in mind that there are appropriate ages for certain activities, books, and films. Read my interview with the Chicago Tribune about my (horrific!) age-inappropriate experience when my parents took me to […]

San Diego 6 CW Segment with 101 Movies

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Click here to go to the CW6 Archive video. Click here to go to the CW6 Archive video ‘Back To The Future’ Interview with Suzette Valle

CNET Article

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Coronado Cays Living Magazine

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This article appeared in the October 2015 issue of the Coronado Cays Living Magazine.