Summer is Gone and the Kids Too

Resignation is settling in slowly that summer is over. My children are trickling back to school, and I find myself waiving goodbye to them hoping this new school year will be problem-free.

Spontaneous vist to Pageant of the Masters

This year of economic uncertainty and belt-tightening has made us all re-think how we spend our time, gas and money on family outings. Pre-planning every detail for a family getaway is challenging enough, and perhaps the greatest deterrent to doing anything spontaneous with the family. But, rewards await those brave enough to throw caution to the wind and venture out on a completely unplanned family adventure.

1984 Los Angeles Olympics Revisited

Sharing family stories and anecdotes with your children is the best way to keep those memories alive and pass them on to the next generation. Every four years, I have the opportunity to bring my family closer and relate the incredible experiences I had at the 1984 Olympics held in Los Angeles, California. I, along with 29,000 people, volunteered for the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee, LAOOC, in exchange for the opportunity to be part of this historic XXIIIrd Olympiad.

Dishing-Up Pop Culture Teens

Everybody wants a piece of the teen-pop pie served up by Disney, but not every helping is a healthy portion.

Let's not OD on OJD

You didn't need to look very hard to get your daily dose of Jonas to treat your chronic OJD (Obsessive Jonas Disorder) because the Jonas Brothers were everywhere this week!