Touch&Know® Drug Test Kit Essential In Arsenal of Parenting Tools

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Besides death, a parent’s worst nightmare is to find out your child is involved with potential killers: drugs or alcohol. No amount of sugar-coating this topic will change the harsh reality that drugs and alcohol have permeated every level of society and practically affect every age group. Recently, some third-grade kids were caught smoking pot […]

My Own Page in the Annals of History at the Olympic Museum in Switzerland

Photo courtesy of Olympic Museum, Lausanne, Switzerland.

While the world focused on the Winter Olympics in Sochi another significant, Olympics-related, event was taking place in Lausanne, Switzerland. The Olympic Museum opened in 1993, but was closed for refurbishment in 2012. It reopened in 2014 to coincide with the Winter Olympics. Why am I telling you this? In 1984 I was part of […]

Ahoy! Pirates Storm The Nat in San Diego!

The Whydah. Photo Premier Exhibitions, Inc.

Tickets Now Available for National Geographic’s Real Pirates Exhibition at the San Diego Natural History Museum  Blockbuster exhibition opens February 8 and showcases artifacts from the first fully authenticated pirate ship discovered in U.S. waters; bonus local components provided by UCSD, the Maritime Museum of San Diego, and local gem collector Tickets are now on […]

Purdue University Shooting Hits Close to Home


The peace of mind a parent wants to have while their children are in school — whether it’s elementary or away at college — is becoming a thing of the past. On January 21, 2014 my own son’s university, Purdue, was the site of a senseless and tragic shooting. One student shot another in a classroom […]

New San Diego Central Library Open House and Call for Volunteers

The San Diego Library features a state of the art Homework Center made possible by Union Bank.

UNION BANK AND NEW CENTRAL LIBRARY HOST OPEN HOUSE Library staff, bank executives welcome students, parents and guests, seek homework coach volunteers Union Bank and the San Diego Public Library will host an open house on Tuesday, January 14, 2014. The community is invited “to experience the resources available at the new Union Bank Homework Center […]