Golden Globes: Handing Out The Silver Bleacher Awards

Golden Globes The Wrap

In my latest post at, read all about who said hi to us on the bleachers at the Red Carpet and who snubbed the fans at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards!    

Judd Apatow, Jeffrey and Ben Lyons at the 2013 San Diego Film Festival

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The San Diego Film Festival keeps getting better and better.  And for a film buff like me, having a bit of Hollywood glamour in our city is also a thrilling experience. One of the highlights of this year’s festival, was a tribute to the prolific writer and director Judd Apatow held the Museum of Contemporary Art in La […]

My Comic-Con Survival Guide

The Wrap Comic-Con Survival Guide 2013

Being at world’s largest gathering of costumed humanity can get the better of even the gentlest geek. “… So what’s a nerd in full “Wolverine” beard and steel claws to do? First, keep calm. Second, adopt a Disney(line)land mentality. Remember the pre-Fast Pass days when you resigned to be happy if you got on four […]

The Wrap and Yahoo Movies – Marketing Advise for Disney: Check With Parents First

Yahoo Disney Marketing

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My Latest Post at The Wrap: Comic-Con Highlights: “Twilight,” Stan Lee, Geeks and the Governator

The Wrap Comic-Con 2012 by S. Valle

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