Conoces a un puerco enfermo?

Me llego este correo y decidi compartirlo. Formen su propia opinion…
El pasado 2 de abril durante la reunión del grupo de G7 integrado por EU, R. Unido, Canadá, Alemania, Italia y Japón se dieron 2 conclusiones fundamentales.

Just-Hatched Photography offers 20% discount to MKB Readers

UPDATE: This promotion is no longer valid! The season of significant milestones in our kids’ lives is upon us: Kinder to High School Graduation, Prom and 8Th Grade Promotion are among a host of events we will live through only once with our precious children as the school year ends. Photos are the only way to […]

Time Warner Cable's 50 Best Moms Contest 2009

  Being a mother is the highest calling in life. It requires us to give ourselves wholly to our children as we raise them to become great human beings – a task that lasts way beyond the years kids spend at home with their moms. But for some mothers, the nurturing sentiments involved in raising […]

MKB Celebrates Over 100 Posts First Year

I can't believe it! I've written over 100 posts this first full year at Mamarazzi Knows Best. When I started this blog, it was an attempt to get my brain jump-started again, and clear out of my mommy-fog after many years as a mommyholic. With both my kids in full teenage mode, I found I knew nothing (or so I […]


     SUZETTE VALLE Driving Under the Influence of Celebrity Is there a double standard for Nick and Miley? My 16-year-old driver sure thinks so. After reading TheWrap post, click on these links to see a photo and video of the teens in action.