Fo-Fo Figgily Show DVD Giveaway!

Wholesome television, movies and other forms of entertainment are a hot topic now.  Instead of navigating the vague ratings system for appropriate content for your tender tots, why not indulge them in programs specifically created with them in mind? Folks, The Fo-Fo Figgily is one such show! But The Fo-Fo Figgily show can't be found […]

Parents, Step up Your Game!

Today, the Supreme Court ruled against a 2005 California law passed by Governor Schwarzenegger which banned the sale of Mature rated video games to minors. While some consider this a victory for the Entertainment Merchants and retailers of the violent and graphic games, others are disheartened that this layer of protection for kids was removed in […]

College Admissions – The Process for Parents

Our college-bound journey has been cleared for takeoff.  I am not going anywhere, though I wish this trip really included travel to a far, exotic place. Alas, this voyage is one we’ve been planning for a while and includes more emotional baggage than I care to pack so soon. We started working on this itinerary […]

Movie Review “Bad Teacher”

Is there such a thing as too much Justin Timberlake? I hate to even entertain this thought, but having just seen him in back-to-back movies, “Bad Teacher” and “Friends with Benefits” (opening July 22 — review coming soon!), he might be getting dangerously close to overexposure of the flesh kind. Admittedly, there's hardly any skin bared in […]

Shrek The Musical Coming to San Diego

I'm always looking for wholesome family entertainment, and to offer you my reviews and suggestions so the family can enjoy doing something together — something that is increasingly difficult to do these days.  Being a Family Entertainment blogger gives me an opportunity to be a resource for you in this regard.  One of these special opportunities is coming […]