Let the Games Begin!

The first day of summer is finally here, and your family is enjoying the languid, warm days with little to do. Just a few weeks into this long-awaited break and you hear it. No, I'm not referring to the usual “I'm bored” summer anthem, instead your kids whine, “no, not again!” as the seasonal family reunion looms […]

'Sex and the City' Friendships Revisited

While admiring the fabulous wardrobe those beautiful friends paraded  in “Sex and the City”, the movie also dared me to compare my own friendships …

To iPod or Not to iPod

“Sure, you can have a $300 iPod. How about a $400 iPhone instead?” you sarcastically ask your child while shopping at the mega tech store. That huge grin on her face turns upside down as soon as you finish your tone-charged question. But, the real question on your mind is: Shouldn't I be getting these expensive gadgets for myself first?