What It’s Like To Get Lash Extensions – A Total Splurge!

Lashes 1

The Amazing Lash Studio in San Diego specializes in eye lash extensions. I got them, and here’s my experience. If you know me, or you’ve seen photos of my eyes, then you know I’m blessed with pretty long eye lashes so I’d never considered getting lash extensions, until I was offered the opportunity to try them […]

Benefits of Satellite TV for Families

Family Watching TV

Television has reached new heights in recent years in a number of different ways. To begin with, there are seemingly more new shows than ever before with more and more channels becoming available to the average TV user. This means people can entertain their personal preferences more easily simply by gaining access to additional channels […]

“The Biggest Looser's” Jillian Michael's and Popchips Sweepstakes and Giveaway

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Video Game Review: Elmo's A to Zoo and Promo code!

Sesame Street’s Elmo has certainly endured time long enough to still be a marketing icon for children. Sesame Street and Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment have teamed up to bring Elmo’s A to Zoo the Videogame. I reviewed this game on the PC and it is rated EC for early childhood aged children.

3D Television A Thing of the Present

It's coming!
Faster than a speeding HDTV bullet!
In fact, faster than you can say, 3D TV, three times fast!
Family home entertainment is about to get better with the fast-approaching launch of the Sony LCD 3D-Ready Television. Though not the first 3D television on the market, it is highly anticipated to be the best in this category. The new normal-looking Sony LCD television set will have 3D-ready capability to play 3D Blue-ray discs with the ease of a command.