Ryan Seascrest on a Moral High Brings “Married to Jonas” to E!

I maybe the only one who caught on to this after seeing E!’s new show line up recently revealed at a typical star-studded bash in Hollywood.  But, is the entertainment network targeting a younger and morally correct audience with Ryan Seacrest’s new show “Married to Jonas?  

That’s Jonas in the singular because the new reality TV show focuses on the only married Jonas, Kevin, and his wife Danielle living in New Jersey and trying to blend fame, families and tour schedules.

E! recently revealed next season’s slate of shows along with a new logo exclaiming  “Pop of Culture.” Next fall, the network will debut “Married to Jonas” and other new scripted shows along with the never-to-be-left-behind low-budget  (read low-quality) procession of reality TV shows.  

Among the fresh shows are another girl-hosted talk show with Whitney Cummings knocking Chelsea Handler off the Queen of Late Night throne, and for the first time will also work on a scripted series. One show will be featuring Kevin Spacey in a show titled “Upstarts” focusing on Silicon Valley (this one sounds interesting!).

Of course, the shocker for me was to see the clean-cut Jonas Brothers rubbing elbows with their polar opposites, the Kardashians, during the soiree E! held to introduce the network’s new line up.

Ryan Seacrest  is undoubtedly the most ubiquitous personality of our time. I don’t know about you, but so far, I have not been impressed with the selection of values portrayed in the reality TV shows he’s chosen to broadcast to our celebrity-driven society. But, Secreast seems to be taking a high road (or may have been on a moral high) when he conceived a reality TV show revolving around the Jonas brother.  

However, taping into the Jonas family may not have been such an easy task for the American Idol host. I want to think there were some strict negotiations and deal-breakers included in the contract, especially if Mama and Papa Jonas, who also manages his three musical prodigies, had a say in this. Both parents have been in control of the boys’ careers and character, and they have done an admirable job thus far.

The glare and criticism of the press regarding the Jonas’ strong faith and moral character (remember those purity rings?), doesn’t seem to have taken a toll on their family’s moral fabric. In my previous post regarding the longevity of these innocent boys in Tinsel Town, I remained hopeful that staying true to their convictions could be done in the face of Hollywood’s moral-decaying pressures to be famous.

But this next phase in their path to superstardom might be the ultimate test — at least in the public’s eyes. Will these goody two shoes sell out to Ryan Seacrest’s brand of fame?

Which brings me to the next point: Who will watch “Married to Jonas”?

Tweens who lined up for days to get tickets (mine included) to the Jonas Brothers fast-selling and record-setting shows are now hitting 18, and have likely moved on to the next boy band. Justin Bieber showed up a couple of years too soon for the Jonas Brothers to have been able to firmly cement their brand of music in the pop genre. Nevertheless, all three boys have made an effort to stay relevant in a variety of other ventures which showcase their range of God-given talent — particularly Nick Jonas who has been busy on Broadway and acts, sings and plays a variety of musical instruments.

The 20-something crowd addicted to the brash and crude Kardashian family, may not be interested in watching a more respectable lifestyle which the Jonas’s have been known to observe.

We’ll have to wait and see what the omnipresent Seacrest has in store for us.

Yes, you read that correctly. I intend to watch “Married to Jonas” because this in one family I’ve kept a close eye on (from my seat at the Honda Center in L.A. where I practically lived for 3 days, to the seat of my car waiting in the parking lot at the House of Blues on Sunset) as I carted and waited for my daughter  to exit from the 17 “Jo Bro” concerts and a movie filming she attended as an extra.

By the way, this is the lone pop culture phenomenon I’ve allowed my daughter to be a part of, and is an element of her tween childhood memories we both shared and will likely never forget. Just the car rides together up and down the coast blaring “S.O.S.” helped us bond and brings a smile to our faces.

Ahhh. Those were the good old days!

I hope E! can bring some of them back with this new reality TV show (fingers crossed). Perhaps broadcasting old fashion values on a network not known for its upright programming, can be a boon to this generation living in the age of principles-less reality TV. (And let’s hope Seacreast doesn’t break up this ideal family in the process.)

If the wholesomeness of this close family comes through, and can show the rest of the viewing public how living the celeb lifestyle can be done with reserve and standards on a reality TV show, then you may have something there after all, Mr. Seacrest!


  1. It would be interesting how this show pans out. I hope they don’t get affected by the reality show curse, as most married celeb couples who had braved to have a show of their own seemed to have gone kaput after a season or two in the harsh spotlight.

    • Suzette Valle says:

      This show will seem like a lithmus test to break the curse you mention. It would be really sad to see this young couple dissolve in front of everyone. If they do, that was a steep price to pay to have sold out to Reality TV. Fingers crossed this won’t happen to the Jonases!

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