5 Things to Know Before You Take Surface RT Out and About

Since I unboxed the Surface RT by Microsoft a few months ago, I’ve submitted the tablet to a number of uncommon environments.  As a blogger, I am always on the go. While I don’t have to be at an office, I go to a variety of venues like restaurant and retail pre-opening gatherings, film screenings, theater musicals and plays, and technology and new product launches. These are some of the events that deal with family entertainment or education I cover for my blog. When Microsoft offered me the chance to test out their first foray into the tablet market, I jumped on it.

Surface RT Kickstand

Amid the unusual test settings the Surface RT has faced while in my possession were a college visit to New York City, two round-trip railroad rides in a single weekend, and then this doozie: San Diego Comic-Con.

Microsoft's Surface RT

Microsoft’s Surface RT

How did the latest Windows tablet faire with this kind of mileage? Read on to find out. And make sure you read until the end for a very special offer for college students.

5 Things to Know Before You Take Surface RT Out and About

1. The absolute best thing I discovered about the Surface was the battery life. Whether it was during the long-haul cross-country flights, the shorter Amtrak trips, or the fast-pace of writing and filing posts during Comic-Con, I came to rely on the instant screen access I had to my Word documents without having to power down during hours of press conferences.

Surface RT Working in New York City.

Surface RT Working in New York City.

2. Did you catch that? I wrote WORD documents. After interviewing celebrities like Jack Black and the cast of Syfy Channel’s “Haven” at Comic-Con, I sat in lobbies and carpeted floors between press conferences at this year’s geek convention in San Diego to type my stories.

Jack Black and Ghost Ghirls at Comic-Con. Photo S. Valle taken with the Surface RT.

Jack Black and Ghost Ghirls at Comic-Con. Photo S. Valle taken with the Surface RT.

Admittedly, sitting on the ground is not the fascinating side of my work, but lugging the 1.5 lbs Surface in my backpack (also unglamorous!), was much lighter than carrying a light saber.

3. The Windows tiles displayed on the Surface’s 10.6 inch screen are also delight to see. I customized my home screen with the apps. I use most which I downloaded from the store. I appreciate the larger tiles because they make it very easy for me to identify my email from my Instagram and Twitter tiles. The apps activate with a single touch, and make my social media sharing effortless!

4. Besides the convenient and light-weight hardware, the Surface has the software most would like to have in a tablet. Along with the ease and practical size of a tablet, the Surface comes with the power and efficiency of a PC. With Microsoft’s Windows RT and Office Home and Student preloaded on the Surface, I had no trouble popping the built-in kickstand, flipping the touch keyboard cover open, and typing away anywhere!

5. The camera features are incredible as well. The Surface RT has two cameras. “Both cameras take photos and record videos. The rear camera is angled to point straight ahead when Surface is resting on its kickstand or when you hold your Surface at a viewing angle that’s comfortable for your wrists.”

Testing the rear camera on Microsoft's Surface RT at Comic-Con 2013 with Jack Black. Photo S. Valle

Testing the rear camera on Microsoft’s Surface RT at Comic-Con 2013 with Jack Black. Photo S. Valle

I tested the rear camera feature during a press conference at Comic-Con and it blew my mind! I propped the Surface on its kickstand and then took pictures without having to hold the thing in the air — I left it on the table and clicked away. It was so easy. I even caught myself in a photo! And the Surface took straight photos even though it was resting at an angle!

As you can see, the Surface hung in there through this exciting summer of atypical activities. Though some of the Surface’s features may not be what you use the most, for me they are the ones I have to use, and the best part was discovering them on the go!

Special Offer from Microsoft. If you or your college student(s) want to get a Windows PC, check out this generous opportunity to partner with Microsoft and help the company give a PC away to needy students when you purchase one.

Microsoft’s “Chip In” campaign helps students with a valid .edu address who crowd-source funds purchase a qualified Windows PC of their choosing from MicrosoftStore.com, and Microsoft “chips in” 10 percent of the purchase price.  Now, Windows is holding a Buy One, Give One program, and will also give one PC away for every student that fully funds their PC by September 1 to the Year-Up organization, which is dedicated to empowering urban talent.

For more information about the Buy One, Give One program, check out the Windows Experience Blog and www.windowschipin.com.


  1. victor Vianna says:

    Translate, please. O surface RT é o laptop hibrido mais incrível que eu já vi!! Os live tiles, a touch cover e sua possibilidade destacável, a tela incrivelmente nítida e veloz, a estabilidade e segurança do OS, a integração com redes sociais, sérvios e outros produtos como o meu Windows Phone Lumia 920 e meu futuro Xbox One, além do incrível Xbox Music e pacote office. Eu amo o surface, o Windows 8 e Rt, o Xbox Music, Xbox One, o Windows Phone… Eu amo a Microsoft

  2. Nice blog post! 🙂

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