Unboxing the New Surface RT Tablet from Microsoft

Hard to believe that a tablet can double as a PC. That’s because the Surface RT from Microsoft comes loaded with Office software: Word, Power Point, Excel and OneNote.

The power of your desktop in the palms of your hands!

Surface PC 003

I felt spoiled when two Microsoft representatives flew in from Seattle and Chicago to meet with me, at Starbucks (yes, they bought me a latte!), and spread their innovative wares on the table for me to ogle.

Surface RT

The first thing I noticed was the familiar click of the magnetized keyboard effortlessly attaching itself to the Surface. All that clicking you hear in that jazzy TV ad comes from the almost playing-card flat touch keyboard which comes with the Surface RT. After a brief lesson about how to use the tablet, the Microsoft reps sent me home with my own Surface to try out for a few months!!

Surface RT Tablet


So far, I’ve set up the Surface for my e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts through the Shop tile on the touch screen.

Surface RT UnboxingSurface RT





















I had a little help from our tech-savvy helper, Jason Vance, who hopes to work at the Microsoft Store in San Diego this summer (he will be an Engineering major at UCSC next fall, an has a Windows phone, so this helped out with the set up a great deal!).

Surface RTSurface RT





















Surface RT

After charging the machine for about an hour, I was ready to type my first document — which is the one you’re reading! — on the same program I’ve written all my posts: Word!

Today, I am taking the Surface RT on a cross-country trip to New York City. Homework and other business will be conducted on the Surface RT on this three-day trip to the Big Apple.

So if you see a person furiously typing away on an apple-red 9 x 7 tablet on the plane, coffee shop, or hotel lobby, that just might be me!

For now, the Surface is neatly tucked away in a  Rebecca Minkoff specially designed side bag I will be taking through security at the airports.

I will fill you in on my Surface RT-toting adventure upon my return!!



  1. My son would love to play with one of those.

    • Suzette Valle says:

      Hi Melanie, My son will find out there’s a Surface in the house today after coming home from college. We’ll see what he thinks!

  2. Quentin says:

    I own the Surface RT and I rarely use it. I’m planning to buy one of the newer, cheaper Windows 8 tablets that are coming out. Hope you enjoy your Surface though!


  1. […] Since I unboxed the Surface RT by Microsoft a few months ago, I’ve submitted the tablet to a number of uncommon environments.  As a blogger, I am always on the go. While I don’t have to be at an office, I go to a variety of venues like restaurant and retail pre-opening gatherings, film screenings, theater musicals and plays, and technology and new product launches. These are some of the events that deal with family entertainment or education I cover for my blog. When Microsoft offered me the chance to test out their first foray into the tablet market, I jumped on it. […]

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