New Comic-Con Member ID Required to Buy Badges

Listen up geeks and geekequettes! Comic-Con International, the yearly popular arts convention held in San Diego, established a new system in an attempt to streamline online sales and make purchasing badges more efficient.

Aspiring attendees must now obtain a Member ID and log in password before they can purchase a ticket online. Registration for Member IDs is free and will close February 28th.

To register or to get more information, please visit the registration page at

Last year, EPIC, the organization in charge of online sales, crashed several times due to overwhelming demand for the much sought-after tickets to the four-day pop culture convention. This left¬†many of the Con’s faithful frustrated after having taken the day off work or school to remain on the computer to ensure a badge.

The date for ticket sales for the convention running July 11-15 has not been announced. Check the Comic-Con website regularly for updates.

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