‘Avengers’ Assemble on Twitter for Global Chat with Fans!

“MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS” ASSEMBLE ON TWITTER MARVEL STUDIOS SPONSORS GLOBAL TWITTER CHAT WITH DIRECTOR AND CAST FOR FANS AROUND THE WORLD PARTICIPANTS GET TEASE OF “MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS” Photo Photo courtesy of Walt Disney Studios  Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury) joins Tom Hiddleston (Loki), Clark Gregg (Agent Coulson), and Director Joss Whedon on Twitter 30-SECOND […]

Teen Drivers – Parents Should Know Kids’ Risky Business Behind The Wheel

I think by now you’re probably tired of hearing/reading my tweets and facebook status updates about my teenager passing her behind-the-wheel test (with only two bad ticks, mind you) last week. AP Photo Carrie Cochran Yes, we are so proud of her for completing this grueling process, and yet our gut wrenches each time she asks for […]