I'm Movin' Out!

It's a topsy turvy kind of day around here trying to pack and organize the kid's stuff  (on the last day, of course) before departing to drop him off at college. We set up Skype, tested it, and he even had me talk to some of his friends on the laptop. It's all pretty cool.

But still… it's moving out day.

The visits to the dentist and the doctor to get a clean bill of health before college are behind us; all shots are up to date — a total of four — and the physical and medical history forms along with insurance forms have been filled out, signed and faxed. An insurance card is also tucked away in the kid's wallet… just in case.

The last couple of weeks have been filled with a lot of administrative stuff, you know, the kind that lets you know you, the parent, are not in charge here anymore. All the bank accounts are now in his name and he has to authorize us to view them. His college e-mail account is also very private as is the actual college financial account which he also had to 'authorized' us to pay for.

Now, it's time to actually put all of his belongings in suitcases and make sure he doesn't forget his toothbrush. His favorite bed pillow will go too. But, a funny thing is that most of the old papers, books and a bunch of junk will stay behind. As much as I nagged for him to 'clear it up' he procrastinated and it's all still here, ready to gather dust, until his next 'visit' home.


Holding back the tears each night has been a challenge so I might as well tell you I haven't been very successful at it. I've tried denial and blocking it out of my mind, and that had worked somewhat, until today.

My husband has little patience for the waterworks telling me I should be very proud of him and that he truly has it pretty sweet! He's got parental support, financial backing, a microwave and refrigerator in the dorm with a nice new comfy chair and ottoman.

“Did you have all of this when you went off to college?” he tells me in an unsympathetic tone. “Heck, I left home and I bet my parents didn't even know where or who to call in case of an emergency, and I went to a different country!”

See. What I'd tell you. He has no patience for my motherly feelings.

What. Ever.

I'm still packing tissues in my purse in spite of his warnings to hold it in.

I am the mother and that is that!

We are off for a week-long trip with a stopover in the Windy City to have a little family fun. After  a few days playing tourists there, we'll be heading to the hotel where all his stuff will be waiting to get moved into the dorm.

I'll let you know how it went when we get back.

This also means this boring little blog will not get updated for the next seven days.

In the mean time, I hope you'll go ahead and read my earlier posts about how we got into this college mess in the first place. “The Road to College” is a series of posts from the begining of this process until today: the day before his drawers will actually close, the wet towel in the bathroom will not be on the floor, and I won't be getting anymore random kissess for no reason from him.

I know it's every parents dream to send off a kid to college, but I'm sure it's also as frightening as a nightmare for more than just this mom.

Who's with me on this one?


  1. Anonymous says:

    Gus & Gaby will look out for Alex and you know when ever he need us for anything will be here, keep in touch

  2. Anonymous says:

    Gaby and Gus, We are so thilled to have met you and had the chance to share wondeful times with our families in Lafayette. Thank you for offering to keep an eye on Alex — it will make me feel so much better about leaving him at Purdue with you!

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