Robert Pattinson’s Autograph

Robert Pattinson turned 23 on May 26.  The British actor stars in the teen hit movie Twilight, and will be seen again in the upcoming sequel New Moon. The anticipation can already be felt — at least in this house. Tough it was Pattinson’s birthday recently he was gracious and instead sent my daughter, Bianca, the little present: the photo above arrived a few days after his birthday.

I can’t tell you if the squeals of joy were long or loud because my ears are still ringing from the screams she let out the moment she saw her self-addressed and stamped envelope sitting on the kitchen counter when she returned from school yesterday. All I heard was OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!! flying across cell phone towers as she told her friends about the long-awaited package she had hoped to have gotten about seven months ago.

You see, my daughter’s never-give-up attitude led her to scour the internet to get a hold of an address or fan site which would help her get in touch with the vampiric heartthrob before the Twilight movie had even premiered. 

Yup, I thought the same thing you’re thinking right about now. ‘Good luck with that. You and the other 2 million crazed Twlighters are doing the same thing … so fat chance!’

Well, her faith is restored in fan sites and actors having a human side. She read every forum, Yahoo answer, Wikipedia entry and Googled ’till her fingers were blue and numb, and she found what she thought was a legit address.

She sent Robert Pattisnson a letter, a photo of himself, and a self-addressed envelope for him to sign and drop in the mailbox … and he did!

I thought this would be an interesting bit of news to share with you today, on Mr. Pattinson’s 23rd birthday.

Happy Birthday Robert, and thanks for the present!

If you’ve had your faith restored lately? Tell me, what made it so?



  1. Anonymous says:

    I perfectly understand your daughter and it was a very nice surprise. Now all the girls in her school probably admire her:)) Loiking forward to heating more great news!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the comment! The photo is on her wall where she stares at nightly with a huge sence of accomplishment. Let's hope her school work gets this much attention, hugh?

  3. Anonymous says:

    So what was the address? My agent wants to know.

  4. Anonymous says:

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  5. Anonymous says:

    how come I didn't know this? Maybe because I am always busy with my essay service Anyway, thanks for this post. i really love robert

  6. Anonymous says:

    I am probably one of the biggest fans of Robert Pattinson, and I would love to get at least a copy of his autograph.


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