Another ‘Twilight’ Saga

In honor of the upcoming film, “Breaking Dawn – Twilight Saga Part 1,” I thought I’d share my parenting fail in helping to create the frenzy around this franchise. Well,  it’s not exactly me but my teenager.

You may recall reading how she persisted until she got Robert Pattinson to mail a personalized autographed photo of himself to my then 12-year-old.


And then there’s the event she attended where she met several cast members from the first “Twilight”  and “New Moon” films.


She also went to a local event held at our baseball stadium, PETCO park, and had a chance to catch some photos of herself with another couple of actors from the installment “Eclipse.”

If you’re my type of parent, you probably know I didn’t read the “Twilight” series of books. And now that I’ve seen the movies,  there’s something that quite frankley, astonishes me: I failed as a parent to check the content of the books before I purchased them for my then 11-year-old pre-teen!

Judging by the trailers of this latest installment in the Twilight Saga, it looks like most girls read this book when they were in middle school, or about 13.

 Umm … have you seen the trailer?

Racy is probably not the word I’m looking for to describe it, but some scenes look to be pretty much in this category. Oy!

Now that these girls are 16, I am once again doing my part to add to the crazed-teen frenzie in support of the next-to-last Twilight film. I am driving a groups of girls, dressed as one of the characters, to the theater. The anticipation has reached a boiling point with the girls eagerly planing their outfits and talking about how certain parts of the book will come to life on the big screen.

Oh, dear. I think I’ll either have to wear my earplugs on the way home after this movie,or raise the volume on the radio because there will be stunned silence in the back of the car.

Which do you think it will be for this bad mom tonight: silence or scary teen chatter?


  1. Lynnee says:

    Hi Suzette,
    I can’t wait to hear how the night ended up. I did read the books as a guilty pleasure- and I was drawn in from the beginning. They are definitely racy – so I won’t be sharing them with my 9-year old girl any time soon (but I think some of her friends have read some of the books). I also saw the movie this past weekend and was surprised as how much fewer screams and shouts of excitement came from the audience compared to the previous films in the series. Perhaps you found more excitement in your showing? Don’t beat yourself up for letting your daughter read the series. I am impressed you were there with her during the movie to see the reactions first-hand.

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