Mamarazzi on Dr. Phil: The Family That Burns Together Stays Together?

We’ve heard the slogan, “The Family That Eats Together Stays Together”. But, how about “The Family That Burns Together Stays Together?”

If you watched the ‘Attention Seekers’ episode I appeared on Dr. Phil, you heard what he, I and others had to say to the Dunn Family who want their own reality show, and they’ll torch themselves and their three kids to get one.

I think the ‘flames of love’ could be doused if these ‘wackadoodles’ got their heads out of the smoke!

What would you tell Jim and Celia Dunn about their intentions to be on TV?


  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Suzette for saying the things that I think all the time when I see “Reality TV” families and shows. We have to lead by example and be the voice of reason to our children –

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mrs. Valle,
    me dio mucho gusto saber que estuvo en el programa de Dr.Phil. los puntos que hizo fueron muy siertos y validos en no tener que poner a los hijos en peligro para solamente obtener la fama.
    se veia bien bella.. y si los es.. ! no se queje de como se veia. 🙂
    gracias por dejarme vivir un momento tan especial con usted.
    con mucho carinio,
    joselyn <3

  3. Anonymous says:

    The pleasure was all mine. Thank you for your support, and I'm glad a wonderful young lady like you agrees with what I had to say. As you saw on the show, sometimes even adults can be misguided by temptations.
    Stay focued on your bright future, and remember, there are no short cuts.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for watcing! At times it does feel like we're the minority when wierd TV shows seem to give people the wrong impression about what is 'right' – especially kids.

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