Mamarazzi on Dr. Phil: The Family That Burns Together Stays Together?

We’ve heard the slogan, “The Family That Eats Together Stays Together”. But, how about “The Family That Burns Together Stays Together?” If you watched the ‘Attention Seekers’ episode I appeared on Dr. Phil, you heard what he, I and others had to say to the Dunn Family who want their own reality show, and they’ll torch themselves and their […]

How I Got On The Dr. Phil Show

I was summoned by Paramount Studios to tape a segment for the Dr. Phil Show in Los Angeles, Ca. Though I can’t discuss the topic or details of the show since I signed a Confidentiality Agreement, what I can tell you is that it’s related to the “There’s Reality, and then There’s Junk Reality” Hollyblog I wrote for, you […]