How I Got On The Dr. Phil Show

I was summoned by Paramount Studios to tape a segment for the Dr. Phil Show in Los Angeles, Ca. Though I can’t discuss the topic or details of the show since I signed a Confidentiality Agreement, what I can tell you is that it’s related to the “There’s Reality, and then There’s Junk Reality” Hollyblog I wrote for, you know, the online Hollywood news publication I submit posts to? (Yes, I know you read them all). It’s encouraging to know my message/opinion about how Hollywood influences our families and our values matters out there.

After two hours, a few phone calls, two telephone interviews and sending in a written opinion about the topic, they green-lit me and off I went to the airport with a scant two hour notice. Packing a carry-on bag, racing to catch the last flight out of San Diego to LA,  and then getting picked-up at LAX in one of those black SUV’s to whisk me to the Renaissance Hotel in the heart of Hollywood, felt nothing short of the celebrity treatment. I checked in at 11 PM, and hurried to get to get to bed because a car would be back to get me at 6:45AM to take me to the backlot.

Of course, I didn’t sleep a wink!

With only one cup of hotel-room coffee (not Starbucks) powering my brain up, I saw the black Town Car roll up to the Hotel and it was time to go. Hollywood Blvd. is very quiet at this hour of the morning; the stars on the Walk of Fame are not crowded, and there’s no sign of the hustle and bustle this section of town is about endure. The best thing about driving through this part of tinsel town early is the absence of traffic.

After the gate check-in, the car stoped at Paramount Studio #30 where Meg was waiting to escort me into the studio. We walked past yards and yards of black curtains, so many lights and long hall ways to get to … my dressing room! Oh, yeah. My name was on the door; those mercyless big, bright light bulbs sourrounded the mirror, photos of past and current shows were hanging on the walls for inspiration, and the glorious catering table awaited me. Starbucks coffee (is this an oximoron) in sight. What a relief!

Sarah from Joe Millionaire and Suzette Valle

Then the constant stream of assistants dressed in black knocked at the door one after the other: ‘Can I get you anything? Please sign here and here. It’s time to go to make-up. Wait here. A chair is open so Annette will do your hair. We’re going to have to change your sweater. Which one of these (2,000 options!) would you like? You’re ready, please wait in your dressing room. Oh, and please no filming or photos beyond this point.’

Got it!

I’m in my dressing room going over the information I had sent in the night before trying to memorize all my points. I was given the bare essentials to go on a show I had a vague idea what it was going to be about, didn’t know who else was going to be there, much less why. But, I had a part, and was ready to go with it.

About two hours later, the producer who found me comes in, introduces himself, and quickly goes over my bit. He tells me to stick to my opinion and not waiver. OK, that’s easy, I thought. Engange in conversation with Dr. Phil. Who? Me? Wow! OK. And off he went, leaving me to deal with with my thoughts and whacked out nerves – alone again.

Another hour, another knock and I’m told it’s time for the last ‘touch-up’. Up the stairs I go again, and this time it is buzzing with people. They line us up against a wall and hair and make-up are looking us up and down one by one. Lipgloss, powder, combs are all working their magic on about 10 of us, and we’re marched backstage, single file to get ‘micked’.

Standing against a Dr. Phil backdrop, I hear the audience getting warmed-up to Michael Jackson’s ‘Billy Jean’, clapping, screaming, and my heart starts to pound. The rest of the guests hardly engage in conversation while we wait, and then we get our first look at the stage. It’s HUGE!!

They take us up the stairs, walk through the audience who are staring at us, get on the catwalk to the front row seats marked with our names. We sit down and the producer comes out. She thanks everyone for being here, tells us we won’t know the topic until Dr. Phil comes out and starts his intro. Then the clapping starts and Dr. Phil walks on to the stage with his wife in hand. So sweet!

She sits in the back with the audience (men in black are everywhere), and Dr. Phil starts talking non-stop for two hours! He introduces the topic with videos and pre-recorded footage of the guests and tells the audience the topic is about … can’t tell you!

So, how’d they find me?

Well, one way I was contacted (found) to do a short bit on the Dr. Phil Show was via Twitter (see the Tweet below!). I’m glad to find out someone is reading my cyber-chatter, and that some of the topics catch someone’s attention. The other must have been a Google keyword search which brought up an old post I had written for the precisely about the topic of this particular episode.

Anyway, after this long and surreal day, I was driven home in another black Town Car all the way to my door step. It was pretty cool! Thanks to the veritable army of people it takes to put on a talk show like this: Anita, Bryan, Casey, Meg and Annette. My apologies to those of you who’s names I didn’t get, but work hard starting at 6 AM to make the production go so smoothly!

By the way, there’s another good thing result I got out of this oddessy, and that’s that I won’t be hearing my hubs or kids complain about me ‘Twittering’ or blogging too much, again!

For now, we’ll have to wait until I know the exact airing date to watch this episode – just cross your fingers I don’t end up on the cutting room floor! I’ll be posting the date and time this show will air as soon as I know.

Check back often, Okay?

bryan valderrama talkshow2009

@MamarazziKnowsB Hi Suzette, My name is bryan and i work for Dr Phil. Please call me at 323-956-xxxx. Thank you


  1. Anonymous says:

    It is rewarding to see that your efforts to represent the voice of reason are paying off. Your friends support you. You go girl!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you! I hope reality TV doesn't continue to claim misguided parents and their kids as their money makers! What some will do for fame…

  3. christina sparks says:

    I am a 30 year old woman out of Modesto California. I have been trying to get on the Dr. Phil show for some time now and would literally do anything to achieve that goal. I have a story so compelling the world will remember it for some time after its over. I really dont like to talk about because i talked about it to many people in hopes that someone would understand and maybe offer some advice or be able to help me. I lost hope and gave up. Im here to try again and force some hope into my life and into succeeding in ny venture.

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