Netflix ‘Stranger Things’ Actor Finn Wolfhard Visits Schick Hydro Escape at Comic-Con 2017

Netflix ‘Stranger Things’ actor, Finn Wolfhard, took a close look at the Schick Hydrobot at Comic-Con 2017.

"Stranger Things" Finn Wolfhard Meets Schick Hydrobot

“Stranger Things” Finn Wolfhard Meets Schick Hydrobot

Schick has a presence at this year’s Con. The razor company set up the “Schick Hydro Escape” experience at the Interactive Zone next to Petco Park. The activation is free to the public and includes a new superhero character, the Hydrobot, made to look like a Transformer.

“The “Schick Hydro Escape” is based on Hydrobot’s backstory, which was released in a new, limited-edition digital and animated comic book – “Schick Hydrobot and the Transformers” – that highlights an exclusive story arc and also introduces his creator, Dr. Hiroshi Benson. To escape the room, Con-goers must work together on a series of interactive puzzles and physical tasks, many of which pay homage to fan-favorite movies, comic books and video games.

A team of engineers built “The Schick Hydro Escape,” a self-contained interactive activation in a shipping container, and sent it to San Diego. I was invited to experience this novel concept, and participated with a group of seven Con-goers. Once inside the container, the door closed behind us. We had to work as a team to find a way out. Definetly not for claustrophobic types! Solving puzzles and looking for secret doors, we failed to escape the laboratory! It felt a little Survivor-like being trapped with strangers, yet having to work together to get out. By the way, the rooms are not kept comfortably cool. Though they’re ventilated, the warm environment added to our urgency to escape!

Attendees waiting their turn to go through the activation were treated to complimentary shaves by a professional barber — complete with chair and foam.

Schick Comps Shaves at Hydro Escape Comic-Con 2017

Schick Comps Shaves at Hydro Escape Comic-Con 2017

Actor Finn Wolfhard, currently on Netflix Stranger Things, and also starring in Stephen King’s upcoming film, It, visited the activation and took a close look at the Schick superhero, Hydrobot.

Finn Wolfhard Tests Schick Hydrobot Sharpness

Finn Wolfhard Tests Schick Hydrobot Sharpness

Be sure to head over to the Schick activation at the Interactive Zone. You can rest on the comfy white sofas, get a free bottle of water, and if you participate in the Hydro Escape, you could win a T-shirt and other cool swag.

See you at Comic-Con 2017!


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