Travel Ireland: Luxury Awaits at Powerscourt Hotel and Powerscourt Estate


Powerscourt Estate, Ireland

Powerscourt Estate, Ireland

The seemingly endless green landscape of Ireland beckons travelers with the promise of a magical pot of gold at the end of the proverbial rainbow.

It’s true. You will feel rewarded after a trip to Ireland!

We’ve visited the Emerald Isle a few times. I went for the first time as twenty-something, and then returned with my husband and family twice in the last five years. Traveling to Ireland with older tweens, teens and adult children is very easy. We mitigated expenses by using miles to travel from the West Coast to the East Coast, and then taking a direct flight to Dublin from New York City.

There’s one direct flight from San Diego to London. Taking this flight was an option, but since we’d have to take a connecting flight to Dublin, the trip would have been too long. We decided to brake it up with a stay in New York for a couple of days. This also helped with the jet lag!

This post will highlight the luxurious Powerscourt Hotel, and the Powerscourt Estate where movies like “The Count of Monte Cristo,” “Ella Enchanted,” and more were filmed here.  This gorgeous area isn’t far from Dublin, but its off the beaten path for most travelers. I’ll cover Dublin in a later post.

Powerscourt Estate, Ireland.

Powerscourt Estate, Ireland.

Ireland was once under England’s domain, but the Irish people battled long and hard to distance themselves from British rule. This resulted in the country being divided into Northern Ireland, which is still part of the United Kingdom and mostly Protestant, and the Republic of Ireland which is predominantly Catholic.

The Republic of Ireland is part of the European Community and the Euro is the currency. To this effect, one of the first things you’ll notice when you visit Dublin is the peaceful co-existence of this city’s past with its young, thriving, and modern culture. This includes a vibrant area housing many of the larger names in tech — a mini Silicon Valley if you will.

We’ve split our visits to Ireland between Dublin and a stay at the luxurious Powerscourt Hotel next door to the beautiful Powerscourt Estate in Enniskerry, County Wicklow.


Powerscourt Estate, Ireland

Powerscourt Estate, Ireland

Our first trip to Ireland was in May of 2013 and we went back May of 2015. We stayed at the Powerscourt Hotel both times; first when it was a Ritz-Carlton property and after it became part of Marriott’s Autograph Collection.

We took a private car with a driver from the Dublin airport to the Powerscourt Hotel, which is about an hour away.

Where To Stay

The word ‘luxury’ doesn’t begin to describe the sumptuous decor and exceptional treatment guests experience at the Powerscourt Hotel.

Powerscourt Estate, Ireland

Powerscourt Estate, Ireland

The Powerscourt Hotel is located about a 60 minute drive from Dublin in Enniskerry County. Driving on the newly built M11 is a breeze. However, going through the smaller towns just before arriving at the hotel is like slowly going back in time; pubs, narrow roads, cobbled streets, more pubs, and the picture-perfect landscape is enough to transport you away from reality.

Once there, the best part about staying at this luxury property is witnessing the balance between old-world opulence with a down-to-earth atmosphere.

Powerscourt Estate, Ireland

Powerscourt Estate, Ireland

Fresh flowers in the lobby, a spiral staircase, and the elegant furniture throughout the property are an indication you’ve arrived.

Our three night stay in our spacious room complete with robes, coffee, an a bathroom as big as our guest room’s living room was nothing short of rejuvenating. One room accommodated four adults with room to spare!

Powerscourt Estate, Ireland

Powerscourt Estate, Ireland

Powerscourt Hotel Ireland 2011 Bath

After we settled in, we had strong cappuccinos in the upstairs bar overlooking the sprawling green landscape. Later,  we got our first pint at the hotel’s own Pub downstairs.

Pint of Guinness

Pint of Guinness

Families are welcomed and catered to seamlessly here, too. There’s plenty of room for kids to roam safely on the grounds of the hotel. They even have a jungle gym for the smaller tikes.

What To Do

These are a few of my favorite things to do in the Powerscourt area:

Complimentary bicycles are parked outside for the taking (honor system)

Powerscourt Estate, Ireland

Powerscourt Estate, Ireland

Umbrellas are handed out on rainy days, so grab one on your way out.

On the green at Powerscourt Golf Course, Ireland

On the green at Powerscourt Golf Course, Ireland

A delicious English Breakfast buffet is served daily

Iphone 6 Mom Europe 214

The award-winning ESPA is a slice of serenity

Spa at the Powerscourt Hotel. Ireland

Spa at the Powerscourt Hotel. Ireland

The Powerscourt Estate and majestic gardens are next door. They were voted No. 3 in The World’s Top 10 Gardens by National Geographic. The sprawling gardens are simply breathtaking!

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Powerscourt Estate Ireland 2011 Garden


Powerscourt Ireland 2011 Tower

Powerscourt Ireland 2011 Gardens

The lush, green and perfectly manicured golf course is across the street

Powerscourt Ireland 2011 Golf


Sugar Loaf Mountain is a great family hike. I made it to the top!

Powerscourt Estate Ireland 2011 Top of Sugar Loaf

Ireland’s highest waterfall, Powerscourt Waterfall, is also here.

Powerscourt Waterfall, Ireland

Powerscourt Waterfall, Ireland

The tiny village of Enniskerry, in county Wicklow, is a bike ride away

Powerscourt Ireland 2011 Phone box

The Avoca shop at the Powerscourt Estate is a must. It’s simply gorgeous. The Avoca Mill Store and Café is a larger store with a restaurant, and it’s a short cab ride from the hotel.

Avoca store at Powerscourt Estate

Avoca store at Powerscourt Estate

It’s worth the visit to the Mill and Café to learn about how they make their gorgeous and colorful blankets and scarfs. After a nice meal at the café, take a walk on the lush grounds.

Avoca Mill and Cafe

Avoca Mill and Cafe


Know Before You Go

  • The Euro is the official currency in Dublin and the Republic of Ireland
  • Powerscourt Estate is located about an hour outside of Dublin in Enniskerry, County Wicklow
  • If you want to experience luxury, stay at the Powerscourt Hotel. It’s a few steps away from the Powerscourt Estate
  • Take a self guided tour of the Powerscourt Estate Gardens. Voted No. 3 in The World’s Top 10 Gardens by National Geographic.
  • Book a hiking trip to Sugar Loaf Mountain at the hotel. I wore regular tennis shoes and did just fine.
  • Borrow a bicycle from the Powerscourt Hotel and ride to the little village of Enniskerry.

Have you been to Ireland and visited the Powerscourt Estate? Did you know about the Powerscourt Hotel in Ireland?

Share your Ireland travel tips with us!







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