‘Thunderbirds Are Go’ Based on 1960s Series on Amazon Prime Video Today

The “Thunderbirds Are Go” is a new series for kids which starts streaming Friday, April 22nd, on Amazon Prime Video in the United States.

We’re Prime members, but more importantly, we were also faithful fans of the original 1960s “The Thunderbirds” series. We’re so excited to see this bit of Nostalgia TV!

Oh, you thought this was a totally new and original show, right? It’s not.

The “Thunderbirds” was a British-produced  TV series and it was around when we were kids. However, CGI was not.

This TV show was cutting edge because they used marionettes. Yes, puppets. But these were not just any ordinary marionettes.  They were bad ass, and performed heroic rescues and saved the earth from destruction many times over. This technical achievement was referred to as Supermarionation back then.

Today’s version uses the incredible technical skills of WETA Workshop, and combines CGI animation with live-action model sets to pay tribute to the classic children’s TV show.

Thunderbirds Are Go Lady Penelope

Thunderbirds Are Go Lady Penelope

“The Thunderbirds Are Go” features the Tracy brothers, a family of heroes called International Rescue. One of the heroes in this series is Lady Penelope, voiced by Rosemund Pike (“Gone Girl”).

One of my husband’s fondest memories of this show are the incredible space ships and vehicles imagined just for the series. On a trip to London, his parents brought him back all four ships as a present. “I remember they were made of metal and were very detailed,” Alejandro said excitedly after watching the trailer for the reboot. “They were my most prized possessions in the 60s.”

All 13 episodes of the first season will debut on Prime Video in the US on April 22 for streaming and download for Prime members, and will subsequently air on Prime Video in the UK, Germany and Austria, following a deal with ITV Studios Global Entertainment.

The first season of Thunderbirds Are Go will be available for Prime members to stream and enjoy using the Amazon Video app for TVs, connected devices including Amazon Fire TV, and mobile devices, or online at Amazon.com/originals, at no additional cost to their membership. Customers who are not already a Prime member can sign up for a free trial at www.amazon.com/prime. For a list of all Amazon Video compatible devices, visit www.amazon.com/howtostream. Thunderbirds Are Go will also be available as part of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, the all-you-can-eat subscription service designed from the ground up for kids. FreeTime Unlimited is available exclusively on Amazon devices including Amazon Fire TV and Fire tablets, and a year-long subscription is included with every Fire Kids Edition.


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