Review of John Leguizamo’s new show. And he gets a copy of 101 Movies

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Actor, comedian, father, and author John Leguizamo presented the final performance of his new show “Latin History for Morons” at the La Jolla Playhouse last Sunday.

“Latin History for Morons” is Lequizamo’s satirical version of why this land is full of Latinos. But it’s not what most Latinos expect to learn about; identification, assimilation, or even about the different terms like Latino, Hispanic, Chicanos, Mexican-Americans, or others used to describe our people in the U.S.A.

Leguizamo did a lot of research, as he reminded us throughout his one-man show. He dug up books, or ‘tomes’, to try an figure out how the heck the Americas ended up full of Latinos, especially the U.S.A.

Leguizamo on stage Latino History for Morons

Buried deep in the Colombian-Puerto-Rican’s jokes, which are mixed in with tales of his young son’s dilemma with a school bully who calles him a ‘Beaner,’ Leguizamo explaines one very important thing most don’t know about, but that Latinos know for a fact: We were here first!

From the Incas to the Mayas, to World War II, Leguizamo goes over 500 years of history in a 90 minute show without intermission. But don’t worry. You won’t need it. The Sid the Sloth voice actor dances, argues with his wife, discusses with his teenage son, and even fights with other parents who are completely absent from the stage. The level of energy Leguizamo expends during his performance will make you forget you need to go the bathroom.

So, did you know WE were here first? Well, here’s another little known fact. I hold a Master’s Degree in Latin American Studies, from Oxford University no less, and I found Leguizamo’s interpretation of the events that led to today’s U.S.-Latino-ignore-phobia to be quite true.

For one,  Leguizamo correctly points out that something NOT taught in schools in the United States is the absolute fact that Mexicans inhabited a good portion of this country BEFORE  the Mayflower arrived.

“I always feel guilty eating at Thanksgiving,” says Leguizamo. “If only they hadn’t fed them!” He laments the Indians sharing that fateful meal with a bunch of rogues who arrived from Europe and eventually killed them, and us, off.

Leguizamo also teaches us about a handful of heroic Latinos, and one Latina disguised as a Latino, that he discovered took part in every war or battle from the American Revolution to World War II.

He also points out the similarities between Andrew Jackson and Donald Trump. In less than a minute, Leguizamo transforms himself into Jackson before your eyes using two erasers full of chalk — the cloud of chalk dust flies and he emerges fully converted in to the 7th President of the United States. But be warned, he is not kind to Jackson. This part is just golden!

Between the laughter and gasps of the funny-but-real information Leguizamo imparted on that packed house Sunday night, I actually learned something I hadn’t in all my scholarly lessons in college and post-grad degree.

Fortunatley, if you’d like to take a funny crash course in the history of Latinos, including the American take over from the Mexicans and their own native Indians, you can sit at the front of the class at Professor Leguizamos course “Latin History for Morons” at one of his future shows.

Beats going back to school to learn this crap!

Leguizamo Book Ghetto Klown

After the show, Leguizamo came out to sign his latest book, “Ghetto Klown.” He spent time talking with fans and taking photos.

For me, the highlight was hearing his “Sid” voice come out several times during the show. Sid the Sloth, one of the main characters in the “Ice Age” films, is mentioned in my book, “101 Movies.” I gave Leguizamo a copy of the book, and he also signed my personal copy. This was such a special moment for 101 Movies!

John Leguizamo (Sid in "Ice Age") and author "101 Movies" Suzette Valle

John Leguizamo (Sid in “Ice Age”) and author “101 Movies” Suzette Valle

Leguizamo Signed 101 Movies

Buen muchacho, ese John Leguizamo.

Click here to find out where to catch Leguizamo at one of his future performances.

Class dismissed!

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