‘The Good Dinosaur’ on Blu-Ray February 23!

“The Good Dinosaur” (2015)  is coming to  Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital HD February 23, 2016.

This Disney/Pixar film takes you on a prehistoric adventure with Arlo,  an Apatosaurus, and Spot, his human friend. Together they find ways to overcome obstacles and most importantly, they learn how to conquer their fears.

The Good Dinosaur Poster. Courtesy of Disney.

The Good Dinosaur Poster. Courtesy of Disney.

During the course of this film, the unlikely pair of friends, Arlo and Spot,  mature before our very eyes as they work together to get across treacherous landscape and escape predators. As I had mentioned in my review of this movie, there are some frightening moments in this film that maybe scary for younger children.

Watching “The Good Dinosaur”  on Blu-Ray/DVD  makes it easier to stop, forward, or rewind to the teachable moments you might need to explain to your tikes. This movie is a superb piece of animation, and it’s a perfect film to watch with your family at home!

This two-disc set has over two hours of bonus material and includes shorts like:

  • Sanjay’s Super Team – This short played in theaters before the film.
  • The Filmmakers Journey – Director Peter Sohn and his team share their experience making this movies.
  • True Lies About Dinosaurs – Learn the facts and the fiction about real dinosaurs (See the clip below!)
  •  Every Part of the Dinosaur – Explore the movie’s special animation challenges.
  • Deleted Scenes With Intros – See previous versions of the movie.

In this short clip you’ll learn the difference between the dinosaurs in the movie and real ones.

For more on how this movie was made read my interview with Pixar story-board artist Rosie Sullivan, who worked on “The Good Dinosaur” and brought the script to animated life!


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