Want to interview Norm of the North? You can!

What if you could interview Norm, from NORM OF THE NORTH, ahead of this Friday’s release? Well, you can!

Norm took the time to answer some fun questions and now you and your little one can film yourself asking Norm what it’s like playing a bear, what’s up with his Lemming sidekicks and how his journey to the big city went, just as though you’re at a junket!  Norm even gives a sneak peek at his dance routine from the film and you can join along. Download the interview here to play along.

Download the video, film yourself or your child asking Norm the specified questions and then cut back to the video of him answering!  It’s that simple.

Norm of the North

Norm of the North

Two new clips are also available featuring the Lemmings and Norm’s goal to save the arctic!

Get ready to #ShakeYourBearThing because NORM OF THE NORTH hits theaters on JANUARY 15, 2016!

“Norm of the North – Interview with Norm”

YouTube | Download 

NEW CLIP – “Lemmings”

YouTube Download

NEW CLIP – “Save the Arctic”

YouTube | Download




In Theaters January 15, 2016

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