Disney Animated App Wins BAFTA

Apps can win BAFTA Awards, too!

The Disney Animated App won The British Academy of Film and Television Children’s Award (BAFTA) in the Interactive: Adapted category.  The celebration took place November 23, 2014 at the Roundhouse in London.

The award-winning application is the result of a collaboration between Disney Animation Studios, Disney Interactive and Touchpress, a London-based mobile technology and app company. The Disney Animated App is the first  non-game related app to win the  prestigious Children’s BAFTA award.

“It’s fantastic that apps are being recognized for the wealth of content they can deliver. We poured the history of Disney Animation studios into one app — the trick was finding a way to make the studio’s rich, often complex, history accessible to everyone. We are really honored to have won a Children’s BAFTA,” said Theodore Gray, co-author of the app and Chief Creative Officer at Touchpress.

Disney Animated team at BAFTAs

Disney Animated Team at BAFTAs. Top row from left: Mari Volkosh, Liberty Mawhood, Tom Weightman, Dave Bossert (Disney), Louise Rice, Theodore Gray, Catherine Allen Bottom row from left: Jamal Edwards (founder of UK youth channel SBTV, who presented the award), Matt Aitken, Richard Zito, Alan Martyn

David A. Bossert, Producer, Creative Director and Head of Special Projects at Disney Animation Studios was in London and attended the awards along with the Touchpress development team.

The Disney Animated App for iPad gives the user insight into the world of Disney Animation Studios and Disney Interactive. The sophisticated app allows children and adults to see concept art, early sketches, and  learn about the history and techniques used in the process of making Disney animated movies.

Since the Disney Animated App  launched at Disney Animated Studios in Burbank, California on August 8, 2013 it has enjoyed a very positive reception.

In addition to the celebrated BAFTA honor, Apple selected Disney Animated as their 2013 iPad App of the year.  The Disney Animated app also won a Digital Book Award and a FutureBook Innovation Award earlier this year.

Other  nominees in this year’s Interactive: Adaptive category were:

Madron, Room On the Broom: Games,  and Ludus BBC Games

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