VMAs 2014: Young, Vibrant, and Conscious. Less Crotch Next Time.

MTV’s 2014 Video Music Awards ranked high in my book as one of the more fun and vibrantly produced shows of this type. The moment of silence held for Ferguson, and the homeless fellow’s speech in place of a Miley Cyrus award acceptance list, showed us the conscious side of the otherwise superficial event.

VMA Logo 2014

It was only for a moment that it seemed I was trapped in an awkward time-warp watching the 2014 VMAs.  Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels appeared on stage to present the award for  Best Pop Video to Ariana Grande. The veteran comedians were apparently left to ad lib their bit to a rather un-amused (or was there a palpable generation gap?) Grande.

In spite of some obvious mishaps, like Nicki Minaj’s dress coming undone during the Bang, Bang! number, the show went on smoothly … for the most part.

In fact, this year’s awards show was entertaining enough for me to endure the constant Twitter chatter and spoilers originating from the East Coast’s three hour time difference, and still watch the whole thing on West Coast time.

This is what I liked about this year’s video music awards:

1. The live musical performances were good. Beyoncé’s final medley was especially spectacular. That momma doesn’t let up!

2. I welcomed seeing a different side Taylor Swift. I’ll be honest, I usually got bored with her solo, acoustic numbers. Though she traded her farmer’s daughter dresses for a more risqué Marilyn-Monroe style costume and music number, she still let her classy side show despite the usually over-the-top TV productions this show calls for.

3. I enjoyed the predominance of women in this year’s show.

4. No Justin Beiber? That was music to my ears.

5. No Miley Cyrus-centered act? Also music to my ears. Having a homeless young man accept her award for Video of The Year was touching, though. I’ll give her that!


Here’s what disappointed me about this year’s VMAs:


1. The overly-done crotch grab by both Nicki Minaj and Usher.  So over those cheap stunts. And even Minaj’s wardrobe malfunction wasn’t that alarming — though the press are trying to make it seem like we saw more of Minaj’s body than we were meant to, which we didn’t.

2. Seeing female performers wear bathing suits on stage as costumes. Add some variety, please.

3. The West Coast time delay sucked!

4. Get. Rid. Of. The. Kardashians. Already!

5. Finally, were Jennifer Lopez, Demi Lovato, Fifth Harmony or Ariana Grande supposed to cover all Latino performers this year? Lopez and Lovato didn’t perform. And Ariana is not even Latina!

Overall, there were no headline-making acts or accidents at this year’s awards show.  Except for Beyoncé, of course. As the closer for this year’s VMAs, Beyoncé elevated the telecast to the level she’s set for herself.  And that is pretty high.




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