Mariah Carey’s Silk Negligee Not Appropriate Attire for TODAY Show

I almost spit out my morning Nespresso cappuccino watching the TODAY Show this morning!

I saw more boobage than I care to at 7AM.

First, the segment on “Mariah Carey Brings TODAY Home For The Holidays,” was tasteless and pointless.

I really don’t care to see how a celebrity decorates their home and much less about the featherd shoes they are wearing with their PJs at that hour of the morning.

The teaser leading up to this particular show segment only presented TODAY’s Tamron Hall sitting in Carey’s “Pink Room” among plush rose-colored pillows and flanked by two Christmas trees.

The Christmas trees in this room were decorated with fresh pink peonies. OK, so I’ll grant you that’s kind of different from the traditional glass ball ornaments used this time of year. How does she keep those flowers fresh for the season?  They probably have their own water tubes and are refilled on a daily basis by the florist.

The camera also panned past her well-earned multiple Grammys, People’s Choice and other awards stacked on glass shelves.

The kicker here isn’t the opulence of Carey’s Christmas home decor.

Mariah Carey spent about five minutes trying to convince viewers of her humble beginnings with clips and photos of her childhood. The rags to riches stories we all love to hear to inspire us to trudge through each day with some kind of goal or dream always in sight.

Yeah. Poor thing. Carey had a rough beginning.

She almost pulled at my heartstrings except she carried out this conversation with Hall cloaked only in a thin, spaghetti-strapped cream silk negligee.  Carey also let her robe fall off and bare her injured shoulder for us to see on the morning national television show!

Didn’t  Savannah, Matt or the rest of the gang at TODAY have the prudence ( or guts) to tell Carey to get up 15 minutes earlier to put on some clothes?

A recent study by the Parents Television Council shows that network television now has as much violence as cable channels.

The study’s findings run counter to the general presumption that the most violent shows on cable dramas tend to be far more graphic than those on network television. PTC Public Policy Director Dan Isett says the study’s findings that broadcast dramas have weaker ratings than their counterparts on cable reflects a failure on the part of network executives to properly communicate to parents the amount of violence on their programming.

“They want people to believe that everything is fine – that they’re committed to helping parents make decisions– when they’re simply not,” he says. For instance, the study found that NBC’s TV-14-rated “Revolution” had more violent content than five of the TV-MA-rated cable television shows in the study.

Though not completely acceptable, it is understandable that national broadcast companies are feeling the heat from competing cable shows who can show a lot more than the networks are allowed to. After all, the customer is paying for access to less regulated programming on cable and, well, if you show it they will come.

On the other hand, the major free networks are pushing the content boundaries in an attempt to retain viewers.

Was having Carey in her pajamas on the TODAY show a desperate attempt to attract more eyeballs? A ratings grab.

But seeing Mariah Carey’s bare shoulder and skimpy PJs wasn’t the only thing exposed on national television on this broadcast.

Silk PJ

The TODAY show also showed a photo Gisele Bundchen posted of herself on Instagram breast feeding her infant while getting her hair and make-up done. Bundchen tag it multi-tasking.

Gisele B

While I’m sure there’s an uproar about decency vs. the natural process that is breast feeding, this photo of the super model actually didn’t show her breasts as much as Carey’s revealing nightgown did (or Gisele’s manicurist’s, lol!).

Adding to the set of indecent exposure shots, these segments were sandwiched between a short discussion of President Obama’s recent tryst with an ill-timed selfie with Danish and Britain’s PMs at Nelson Mandela’s funeral.

Good taste, friends, is all but a thing of the past. Lapses in judgment and common sense (even from our leaders) have all but disappeared from our American value system.

As the Carey Christmas segment was sputtering to an end, Matt tried to distract viewers by asking for a shot of the singer’s famed shoe closet.

Thank goodness Carey couldn’t quickly comply. Instead, she took off her healed white puffy slipper for us to see.

Awe. Now I think I want a pair of those. Not!

Sipping on my second cup of coffee, I’m inclined to think that the Mariah Carey Christmas segment on the TODAY show was the most vapid story I’d seen in a while.



  1. Tess says:

    Not a Mariah fan… Divas are fine, but screaming, vain, self conscious performers, obsessed in showing us their augmented chest… boring! Love your work Mamarazzi.

    • Suzette Valle says:

      Tessie, I think Mariah Carey has become so superficial it’s starting to cloud our appreciation of her real talent. Such a shame!

  2. The girl can sing, but she has lost points in the decency arena a long time ago. It is not like she was on late night tv where this might be somewhat accepted – it was the TODAY show for crying out loud! I feel like she needs an agent who helps her right that compass a little. She says her true self was stifled when she was married to her previous husband, but does she have to do everything in sexual taste?

  3. I saw someone crossing the street in their PJs the other day. Why? Because they see people like Mariah Carey and somehow that justifies them.

    • Suzette Valle says:

      Joann and Maggie, you’re right! Just because they’re super rich doesn’t mean they have class. A nice track suit or at least sweats would have been a better choice than a nightgown to appear on national television.

  4. i have never been a fan honestly – I think she is so talented – like talented enough that she doesn’t ‘need’ to act like that – but she always has – so sad. She has a sexy body no matter what – she could have put on a fitted cashmere sweater and still looked sexy but had a little class…….. but it is what is to be expected from Mariah – the real shame is on the Today show – they should have told her to put some clothes on!

    • Suzette Valle says:

      Agree, Kate. The TODAY Show was evidently out for a little ratings grab at her expense. Her agent should be fined for not advising her about appropriate morning-show attire. Sheesh!

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