The KKK Continues to Procreate. Ugh.

At least they waited until most of humanity had had a chance to celebrate the holidays in relative peace before breaking the disturbing news to the world.

It was rather considerate of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to hold back news that they are having a bastard child while Kardashian is still legally married to another man, Kris Humphries,  and who is not the father of the newest member-to-be of the Kardashian Klan.

Why do I sound so uptight about someone else’s life you ask? Well, let me tell you about it. Let me preface this by saying that if you are a twenty something, you will likely not see any real problem with Kardashian and West bringing an illegitimate child into their world. After all, you’ve been raised with Reality TV and don’t think much about its impact on society since you likely know better than to do or behave like those morons on “Toddlers and Tiaras” or “Jersey Shore,” right?

OK. Moving on.

Our brand of Hollywood and cultural mix tend to blur the lines between what is considered normal, liberal, conservative and abnormal, immoral, and downright illegal. This Kardashian-West-Humphries drama is the acute example of just how far Hollywood has pushed our youth, to the very edge of what is acceptable by our fame-hungry society.

Let’s dissect the reasons I have a problem congratulating the conspicuous Kardashian-West couple.

First, Kim Kardashian is still legally married to Kris Humphries.  In every book, including the Bible, she is committing adultery. Of course, since Hollywood types seem to have a pass on everything society has worked hard to wrangle into propriety, the Kardashian Klan is already backing the adulterant bread-winner by declaring this latest KKK child is a blessing.

Wedding Rings

Blessings come from God as far as I can recall from my Sunday school days. Remember those classes? The same ones that teach you to marry before getting pregnant? I wonder which god the Kardashians claim brought them this blessing?

Whether the Humphries-Kardashian marriage was a money-grab or not, the fact that Kim has not simply signed away on the divorce and considered whatever amount Humphries is requesting is beyond me. She has plenty of money (and much more to come after this nice bundle of financial joy is born), so why not do the right thing, move on and marry the sucker Kanye West so the child has a chance to seem legitimately conceived?

And by legitimately I mean that if the love traingle moves to quickly confirm the divorce, at least the paper trail for this child might show he/she was not born of adultery. Of course, this is just a matter of numbers, and the ones that seem to really matter to the Kardashian family are the ones with the $ before them.

Secondly, Kim Kardashian is a fake. Nothing new. Hasn’t she hounded her sister Kourntey for not marrying Scott Disick before they had two children? Such a hypocrite!

Thirdly, and most damaging, is that this entire classless pregnancy-before-divorce-from-ex is the smuttiest thing to be idealized by the press.

It is revolting that outlets like E! News are paring this latest Kardashian catastrophe with news of, let’s say, Giuliana and Bill Rancic’s precious and well thought out adoption of their son. I find it especially offensive that a person such as Kim K can be just as lauded as Rancic who underwent a brutal surgery and treatment for cancer, documented her ordeal to benefit others, and also showed the world how to cope and adopt a child with class.

Adding to the sheer vulgarity of this whole set of circumstances between Humphries, Kardashian, and West is how the media is salivating after this ‘newsworthy’ bone was thrown out there for the likes of People Magazine and US Weekly to start outbidding each other to get the first shots of the most famous illegitimate child of our time.

Finally, and as some of my readers pointed out, the scene at the maternaty ward could rival that of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s daughter’s birth.

My only unanswered question is, who will be there first with a pen and contract: grandmager Kris Jenner or Ryan Seacrest?

Welcome to 2013 Hollywood style, everyone!


  1. Diana says:

    Completely agree …. sort of. A major point that is consistently missed in critiques of t.v. shows, and this is only a personal opinion, is that these reality shows are for ENTERTAINMENT purposes; as is all television, inclusive of the non-objective reporting of news. Even in reality shows, those participating are paid actors. Our jobs as parents is to bring home this point. It’s certainly not an easy feat. Our family has traveled outside the U.S. extensively and I draw a comparison of this point. Television, in many other cultures isn’t the end-all and certainly not the navigating force for the directing of a family. Screen play be in t.v., music or i-whatever, are viewed simply as entertainment and not as an example.

    • Suzette Valle says:

      I couldn’t agree more with you, too, Diana! Parents are the key to avioding the pitfalls of Reality tv. It is a fine line many impressionalbe minds walk when they do use (poor) examples seen on television (like the KKK) to try and emulate them. This happens more often than not. Last summer, I witnessed a disturbing stampede of young gilrs waiting in line outside the Dash store in Soho NYC to get a piece of the KKK empire. And no, those personalities weren’t even in the shop.

      Wanting to dress and have their make up and hair look like the KKK’s is a teen girls’ dream at the moment thanks to E! (which I love watching!) and for many trying to live like them, parties, Vegas trips, etc. has also become their identity. So Reality shows do have an impact, negative or positive depends on what the parental values are, and from what is planely evident, those parents are also drinking the Kool Aid. Otherwise the KKK empire wouldn’t be as widespread, after all the parents control the purse strings of minors who purchase the KKK’s line of clothers, perfumes, and diet supplements. Or is it the adults that are doing it more? I don’t know, but the thought is disturbing.

      IMHO, if the influence of Reality TV shows like this one would be limited to only entertainment, then the products and social-cultural-financial impact would be much less.


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