Katie Cazorla’s “Nail Files” Second Season Premiers on TV Guide Network

TV Guide Network will premier the second season of the original reality television show, “Nail Files,” starring Katie Cazorla.

Katie Cazorla star of “Nail Files” Photo S. Valle

The program is based on the ins and outs of running an upscale nail salon which caters to a steady celebrity clientele in Hollywood.

But you’d be wrong thinking this is enough for the premise of the show to roll on, it isn’t.

The star of “Nail Files” is Katie Cazorla, a petite, ebullient, bundle of comedic energy, and is also the owner of The Painted Nail in Los Angeles, California  where the reality show unfolds.

Some of the familiar faces that have sat on the white, over sized, accent chairs (no noisy spa chairs here!) are Vanessa Hudgens and the cast of the “Jersey Shore. ”

What?! The “Jersey Shore” girls in L.A.?

Well, yes. There’s actually a connection between the East Coast’s most notorious party girls and Katie Cazorla’s show: both shows share a producer.

“I am not from the ‘Jersey Shore’! ” asserted Cazorla after she mentioned the link between the shows.

Before you discard “Nail Files” like an empty bottle of Grey Goose, Katie Cazorla may win you over once you get to know her more-legitimate rise to reality TV stardom — unlike her “Shore” counterparts.

“Nail Files” Mobile Spa in San Diego. Photo S. Valle

Cazorla was in San Diego promoting the second season of “Nail Files,” and brought a glammed-up mobile salon to Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego complete with purple walls, shimmering chandeliers, and her own line of polishes and products  to meet and greet an eager bunch of new fans — she also treated them to free mini-manicures and posed for photos with them.

After I sat in the over-sized white accent chairs stuffed in the chic mobile Spa, I got a complimentary mini-mani with Katie’s line of eco-friendly products. 

I had to ask the enchanting blond, why a rising stand-up comedian in a relationship with fiancé Walter Afanasieff, a Grammy® award-winning music legend who has written and produced hits for Mariah Carey, Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion and is 20 years her senior, would allow cameras to penetrate her sanctuary-style salon.

Before answering this question, she told me why she opened a salon in the first place.

Carzola conceived this chic store as an answer to a gap in this beauty business. She told me she had had enough with the only two options available to women; either an expensive spa or a cheap and dirty place where no one speaks English.

“I actually went to Korean Nail School to learn about the business,” Cazorla told me as she explained her credentials in the beauty industry. “But, I dropped out two weeks short of graduating. I guess you can say I’m a Beauty School drop out!” stated a crest-fallen Cazorla who affirmed she intended to finish up and get her certificate.

After we settled in for the  interview, Katie herself layered some sparkle on one of my freshly painted nails and called it an accent nail. “We all need a little glitter in our lives,” she giggled.

Katie Cazorla was at the right place at the right time when she was approached about hosting a reality TV show at her nail salon. It happened at the grand opening party. A friend invited his neighbor to come along, a producer.

“He  took a look at my place and asked me if I would be interested in doing a show about my salon,” she said. At first she was hesitant, especially after finding out about the “Shore’s” connection to her show. However, shortly after hashing out the terms, the show became a reality.

As a reader of this website, you are aware that reality shows and I don’t mix; I’ve noted before that these type of shows usually don’t focus on the best side people, but rather on the abysmal personal ethics of some.  As you can imagine, I had my reservations about this interview. But after observing Katie mingle with her fans, and knowledgeably talking about nail products and the quality of service with them, I re-assessed my predetermined idea about the shallowness a show like this would reveal.

Cazorla has more than hands-on experience in LaLa Land rising up through the ranks of the stand-up comedy world, she has also accumulated know-how in the pretty hands and feet business.

So once my polish had dried and our interview was over, I walked away with a different opinion of Katie and her show “Nail Files”… and, of course, a fab set of red nails!

Suzette Valle and Katie Cazorla of TV Guide Network’s reality show “Nail Files.” Photo S. Valle







“Nail Files” (from the creators of “Jersey Shore”), premieres nationally on Sunday, August 19th at 9:00

p.m. PT/ET on the TV Guide Network. TV Guide Network can be seen on Cox Cable on Channel 112 and Time Warner on Channel 179.


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