The “Twilight” Fairy Tale in a Talespin – Stewart cheats on RPatz

I just can’t help but put my two cents in about the “Twilight” fairy tale being in a tailspin.

Predictably, the media has focused heavily on 22-year-old Kristen Stewart’s recent infidelity with 41-year-old Rupert Sanders, her director in “Snow White and the Huntsman.”

Just a few short weeks ago, I was in the same room with the dough-eyed couple, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, as they gushed about the upcoming grand finale to the multi-year filming of “The Twilight Saga” where the couple first met.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart at Comic-Con 2012. Photo S. Valle














The author of the books was also present.

At the Comic-Con press conference at the San Diego Hilton Bay front, Stephanie Meyer longingly spoke about the mega-famous vampires  personifying the deep love she wrote about in her “Twilight Saga” novels.

“Twilight Saga” author Stephanie Meyer at Comic-Con 2012. Photo by S. Valle

“This is what is love,” Meyer told a packed conference room at Comic-Con 2012 looking across the table towards Pattinson, Stewart and Taylor Lautner.

Not so loving after all the recent news of infidelity.

Take a look a the video, Pattinson may have inadvertently given us an ominous prediction about the breakup!


Kidding aside,  have you noticed this news isn’t being reported as Sanders having the affair?

It’s obvious that Stewart is the story at the center of the media’s saga of deceit and dishonesty simply because she’s the most recognizable face on the face of the planet.

Furthermore, what most Hollywood reports have tried to figure out, is  whether the indiscretion by the leader of the “Twilight” franchise will affect the legions of Twi-fans who have followed the real-life romance that developed off-screen between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

Somehow, the media have managed to twist this incident around and are getting everyone confused about where the focus of this torrid but illicit romance should lie.

Stewart isn’t married to Robert Pattinson in real life. Bella Swan married Edward Cullen in the third installment of the “Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1” movie.

The one married in real life is Rupert Sanders  —  and with children!

The fairy-tale turned to-real-life love affair between Stewart and Pattinson, who play vampires Bella and Edward in the Twilight films, could not have worked out any better for fans and the franchise’s box-office numbers.

In this turn of events, however, the bottom line seems to be getting top billing in the latest news surfacing about the young starlet getting caught on camera in an extended make-out session with a grown man twice her age — a man who happens to be married with children.

Alas, the shocking revelation news reports decided to elaborate on was if attendance numbers to the final installment of the “Twilight Saga” would suffer due to Stewart’s bad behavior thus causing a short fall in the movie’s box office numbers.

Moral code aside, an immature Hollywood darling making a stupid move is nothing new — and for a while now, neither is a stupid move by a mature, grown and married man.

This news should be shocking, but likely isn’t given Hollywood’s tract record regarding relationships — for the most part, they are not long-lasting.

The made-for-film Pattinson-Stewart romance was doomed from the start, some may argue, since most on-screen flames don’t have enough kindle to keep the fire burning once filming wraps up and the real persona emerges out of the characters they were impersonating. 

The spotlight should be squarely on the overheated Sanders, who should know better (and doesn’t), who should have controlled his visceral desires (and didn’t), and stopped to think of the sanctity of his marriage — a covenant he chose to enter into with his wife — and his children.

Apart from box-office numbers, the question being wagered in the media at this point is whether Sanders’ wife, Lee Ross, will remain his wife after this public betrayal and humiliation.

Sadly, not only did Stewart — who is a kid in many aspects the law can’t control — fall prey to the hunter’s ravaging needs , but Sanders’ children will likely end up victims of their father’s self-indulgent behavior as well.

(And, where’s the law when you need it? Twenty years difference between couples like these should be outlawed! )

At any rate, since Pattinson allegedly moved out of the home he and Stewart were shaking up in, it looks like the offender may end up with neither of her leading men — and perhaps less fans than she had a few weeks ago when she was walking around Comic-Con with Pattinson in toe surrounded by throngs of sleep-deprived admiring fans.

The immortal Bella has come crashing down from the highest pine tree, and landed on earth to live among us mere mortals. 

Sure, it’s not the fairy-tale ending any Twi-Hard would have imagined for their heroes, but they’ll survive.

As for Sanders, yeah, Stewart might have felt like quite a conquest.  But he has so much more to lose than a bunch of fans, dollars or cents…a family is a high price to pay for a smooch with a girl half his age.

Though I don’t excuse Stewart’s behavior, I don’t like the way the media is reporting this affair. Do you think the media has done a good job of reporting a balanced view of this incident?

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