Movie Review “Bad Teacher”

Is there such a thing as too much Justin Timberlake?


I hate to even entertain this thought, but having just seen him in back-to-back movies, “Bad Teacher” and “Friends with Benefits” (opening July 22 — review coming soon!), he might be getting dangerously close to overexposure of the flesh kind.

Admittedly, there's hardly any skin bared in “Bad Teacher,”  but there's plenty of other simulated action to make up for the missing nudity.

However, the report card for this anticipated comedy just arrived and this film got a big, fat “F!”

You may not be stunned to find out I gave the Diaz-Timberlake film such a bad grade, especially coming from me.  What might shock you are the reasons why I gave the teacher's film a failing grade.

No, it's not  due to the raunchiness  (which is actually not as bad as I thought it would be) or the excessive use of foul language (also nothing worse than expected from an “R” movie).  It is partly due to the dynamic duo themselves who just didn't get their act together, so to speak. 

This bad movie revolves around  Elizabeth (Cameron Diaz) a jilted, gold-digging, drug-using middle school teacher intent on finding a sugar daddy so she can leave her pathetic day job.  The pot-head teacher then stoops lower than her Louboutins to make money any way she can to get herself a new pair of hooters as consolation for the breakup.  Instead of teaching, she uses movies to while away the teaching hours (and to nurse some nasty hangovers) cursing worse than a sailor if anyone questioned her tactics.

Enter Scott Delacorte (Justin Timberlake) a teacher and man of lineage with money-lined pockets and Elizabeth's new pray.  But first she must deal with Amy Squirrel (Lucy Punch), the upright and uptight teacher who also has her eyes set on Scott, and the one actress who gets extra credit for saving this film from the rubbish tin.  Jason Segel provides some much-needed comedy relief as Russell Gettis, the gym teacher who in his relentless pursuit of the hot instructor manages to teach her a lesson.

One reason the film had any appeal at all, was to see these two exes trying to heat up the screen after their public fling and subsequent breakup.  But the chemistry between long-legged Diaz and Timberlake-turned-actor was as cold as a brown-bag sandwich.

They didn't bring sexy back at all. In fact, based on their performances in this film, it was difficult to see how they ever had it at all!

On the face of it, the plot in “Bad Teacher” had potential, the cast was worth a look, and the dialog teased us with a few clever exchanges like calling a kid coiffed a la Robert Pattinson,  “Hey, Twilight!”

Or when the self-centered instructor stops inhaling weed for two seconds (in the entire movie) and utters a few funny lines, and very few words of wisdom to her students.  During the two hour film fiasco, the bad teacher does  manage to help one student overcome a middle school dilemma . . . using her bra.

But I have to give those splicing the trailers an “A+” because they did a great job.  The best bits of this bad film were in the snippets we watched during the tantalizing coming attractions.  

The rest of the movie flunked.

Not recommended for kids younger than 18 for partial nudity, language, and drug use. This films gets image out of 5.

(In theaters now)


  1. Rah says:

    There isn’t such a thing but when he chooses bad movies for his self there is. I heard that he was ridiculous on the movie Bad Teacher. I haven’t seen it but from what my co-workers at DISH said and what I have read I’m unsure if I do want to see it. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to rent it since I have the Blockbuster movie pass and it allows me to have access to thousand of on demand titles and get movies, TV shows and games through the mail. So if I don’t like it good thing I won’t be wasting money.

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