Don't Dress Your Girls Like Tramps — CNN's LZ Granderson weighs in.

He's right and we know it. Mr. LZ Granderson had the guts to write about something most of us have been witnessing for a long time. Our young girls have been wearing clothes that are much too inappropriate for their age and the blame game begins. If you read my blog, you won't be surprised […]

Coachella Music Festival – Friday and The Desert Sun Newspaper Features Bianca

Check out today’s Coachella Festival article in The Desert Sun newspaper print version and you’ll see Bianca on the front page.   The heat, sweat, and excitement of over 90,000 bodies at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, Ca was more of a nightmare for this wannabe ‘hipster’ mom, but it was my teenager’s dream come true.   Photo […]

Want Your Six-Year-Old to Learn How to Breast Feed? There's A Doll For That

This is a post I contributed to  Hope you'll head on over there, too! The Breast Milk Baby mimics the suckling motion and sound when brought next to a sensor-equipped halter top a child must wear to nurse the doll. The colorful top has petals indicating the correct placement for the doll. Once the doll is close to […]

Review of Nora's Will (Five Days Without Nora)

Not all movie goers want action, or high-tech imagery when they go to a film. Sometimes they want to be challenged and learn something during the two-hour escapade. Nora’s Will is one such film.  Nora’s Will is an import from Mexico written and directed by Mariana Chenillo. The dark comedy is heavy on dialog – in Spanish, with […]

Snooki gets paid more than a Nobel Prize Winner at Rutgers

“I'm embarrassed to be a Rutgers alumni,” wrote one angry person about Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi being invited to speak to students at his Alma Mater, Rutgers University last week. Another irritated alum wrote in the comments section of the New York Post, that Rutgers would not be getting a dime ever again after the college paid the […]