Want Your Six-Year-Old to Learn How to Breast Feed? There's A Doll For That

This is a post I contributed to www.CoronadoPatch.com.  Hope you'll head on over there, too!

The Breast Milk Baby mimics the suckling motion and sound when brought next to a sensor-equipped halter top a child must wear to nurse the doll. The colorful top has petals indicating the correct placement for the doll. Once the doll is close to the area, the sensor triggers the baby to start suckling. The doll also needs to be burped to keep it from crying after a feeding.

Spanish toy company Berjuan Toys introduced the doll in 2009 and has come under heavy criticism, but it is standing by its product saying it helps teach little girls how to breastfeed their own children.  Baby Gloton (Gluttonous Baby), just now making its way to America, has many parents upset. Critics say this doll is over-sexualizing young girls and that it's too much too soon… You can read the rest and weigh in here.


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