Updates on the Protestors of “The Laramie Project” in Coronado

This was sent to eCoronado.com, and posted as a comment on my cross-post, by the Coronado Council of Churches:

It has come to our attention that Westboro Baptist Church has planned to picket the Saturday, Jan. 15th high school presentation of “The Laramie Project.” While the merits of such a production may stimulate lively discussion among us, we, as representatives of the Christian community in Coronado, stand together against the unmitigated hatred espoused by groups such as Westboro Baptist Church and its plans to be a disruptive presence that night. We believe that all human beings are created in the image of God, and thus are to be accorded respect and dignity regardless of their beliefs. We invite the larger community to stand with us against the vitriolic rhetoric and unchristian behavior of groups such as Westboro church wherever it shows its face.

            Our council, at its regular meeting Jan. 11, voiced its support of the students and faculty of Coronado High School in the face of the intimidation threatened by this outside church.   It is our intention to invite clergy and church members in our Council to attend the Saturday performance as a sign of solidarity with the students involved with the “Laramie Project.”  We pray that the performance on Saturday may take place without any interference by this group.

            For further information about the Coronado Council of Churches action in this matter, please contact the Rev. Stephen Mather, president of the Council, at 619-437-8757, or by email, at sjmrev@aol.com.  The Council is composed of nine congregations located in Coronado.  It was formed in 1975 to promote unity among Christians in our city.

Rev. Stephen J. Mather
Coronado Community Church
P.O. Box 180039
Coronado, California 92178-0039..

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