Movie review- “Megamind”

If you're looking for a fun and funny family movie to watch this week-end, “Megamind,” with Will Farrell and Tina Fey in 3D, has you covered!  The sharp, clever lines throughout the film come at you at a furious pace, but not so fast that you don't have time to get completely wrapped up in the superbly created  3D effects. Even the expected cheesy tricks jumping off the screen at you are a welcomed opportunity to appreciate the incredible digital detail of Tom McGrath's (Madagascar) DreamWorks Animation extravaganza.


“Megamind” (voiced by Will Farrell) is the story of a bald blue-skinned  villain who is quickly evacuated to earth as a mere baby by his parents to save him from certain destruction.  Unfortunately, he lands in a jail and grows up surrounded by evil lessons; bullied, ostracized, and teased at school, he becomes enraged and turns to a life of crime.

The good guy, Metro-Man (Brad Pitt), is simultaneously shipped out from the same disaster-stricken planet, but crashes into opposite circumstances becoming the preppy kid who  lives in a mansion and turns out to be the city's hero — and also keeps Megamind from ever winning the battle of good versus evil.  In the middle of the daily combats is Roxy (Tina Fay), a shapely and quick-witted television reporter, and the object of Megamind's unrealizable desires. After numerous and failed attempts to defeat Metro-Man's flawless counter-attacks, the blue wicked one finally manages to beat the white-clad hero, but  finds himself unexpectedly lost and depressed without his arch nemesis to battle anymore.  Between the witty one-liners, mutliple personalities from one character, and cool, retro soundtrack you'll catch yourself rooting for this clumsy villain the entire time.

This film is very well done — it blends humor with emotions almost everyone can relate to. And there are enough references to older films, events, characters (what movie doesn't have an Elvis in it these days?), and even video games to keep movie goers ages 5 and up on their toes 'till the end…and make sure you stay after the credits!

The film ends on an upbeat note not only because all the characters' problems are resolved, but the music will literally want to make you dance down to the exit. Hans Zimmer provides the score for the film, and Ben Stiller and Guillermo del Toro also have a hand in this sure-to-be pre-holiday blockbuster. 

Unfortunatly, most of the content in this film will go over kids' heads and may not be suitable for kids 5 and under. 

This movie is rated PG (bummer) for action and some language, but it is worth every dollar you'll be charged for a 3D film!

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