More Lindsay-aine Lohan Drama

I gather you've had enough of this, too.  I can tell because it's been rather quiet lately.  Hardly any Twitter or Facebook updates from my usual celeb reporting outlets. No one, it seems, has dared to prominently mention her name.


Probably because our mouths are still agape after finding out what many thought was inevitable but were hoping would not happen. Perhaps the gossip shows and tabloids have grown tired of her, too. Could it be that after first essentially helping her destroy her own reputation, they too had a sliver of hope that she'd make it through this round of societal isolation and come out a champion? Not at all. The media firestorm is barely kindling.

“Stunned” is the word one of the staunch supporters of this young lady's career used to express his sentiments after it was confirmed she had failed a drug test, again. She tested positive for Cocain. Perhaps one of the last few believers of this possible miraculous rebirth, Mathew Wilder director of “Inferno” the Linda Lovelace movie this woman was set to star in, can no longer hold on to any idea that she's ready to lead a cast in any sort of role. Just this past July he told MTV he was firmly backing his leading lady's triumphant return to glory after her “harsh” jail and rehab sentences, “And as for the haters relishing this moment, I can only quote Jesus in 'The Last Temptation of Christ': 'And those who are laughing now…will be crying after.' “

The silence brought on by the action of yet another judge who issued a bench warrant for her was perhaps due to the incredulity of this news rather than unexpected. It's simply unbelievable that after having been given multiple chances — many more than mere civilians would probably get —  to make a celebrated comeback this person doesn't have the brains (probably because they've been fried to oblivion by drugs?) to stick with the program and get herself back on track.


I'd venture to say this mystifying silence is because she let more than a few people down including the media. They were confident she'd gotten the message this time.  After all, the crocodile tears in court were somewhat effective. They moved the judge enough to let her out of serving the full stint in rehab.

Second chances, “We all deserve them” angrily write a few commentators on my earlier posts at regarding this and other fading stars. She got them. More than two, in fact.  How many more should this system allow her? Guess we'll find out when she's back to visit the judge this Friday. By then, I can safely assume we'll have a lot of noise coming from the intense live coverage this train wreck will command.

Frankly, I was bewildered when I heard the news, too.

What kind of stupid is this, Lindsay Lohan ?

 There. I said it.

What would you like to say about this 'Lindsayaine' drama unfolding before our very eyes?

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