Restaurant Review: Hip Burger Lounge Offers Healthier Burger

Are you aware of the latest Burger revival? No, not the $1 menu or no-trans-fats claims. Burger boutiques like Burger Lounge in San Diego are springing up faster than fruit smoothies at fast food joints as the healthier choice.  Healthy burgers? Is this an oxymoron? Close, but not quite. The new tendency in the so-called burger wars includes designer burgers — the chic, but wholesome way to have your favorite convenience food — with a price tag that equals the out-of-the-ordinary treatment these delicious hot sandwiches are getting lately.


Burger Lounge

One of my favorite spots in town is Burger Lounge in Coronado, CA. In addition to the improved meat, the contemporary hamburger restaurants are designed with an “environmentally responsible approach”. However, this stylish burger restaurant is anything but a fast food place.  It's an attractive spot for family dining with a simple idea behind it: “To do a common thing, uncommonly well. ” The menu is limited to a few items prepared to very specific standards. And rather than wait for your server to come to your table you walk up to the counter, order, take your number, and the food is brought to your table — quickly! Oh, and don't expect to have your burgers served in boxes or bags. Nope. You'll be enjoying your $8.00 burger on modish white tableware with metal silverware to match the smart furnishings.

Besides Burger Lounge's fashionable design, there is another fundamental difference between the modern and traditional fast-food burger, and that's  the quality of the meat they use.  San Diego-based Burger Lounge is spearheading the trend towards a healthier burger;  no hormones or antibiotics, non-confined, grass-fed beef is supposed to be better for you than the other kind.  They  have informative cards on the tables and counters that describe the many benefits of grass-fed vs. grain fed feedlot beef for your inspection. Prices are reasonable, somewhat higher than fast food, but not as much as a sit-down place. I'm partial to cheeseburgers, but on a recent visit I tried the Turkey Burger and it didn't disappoint.  I also tasted the onion rings and they were really good, with not too much breading. It was hard not to eat them all, actually.

The hip burger company is also on top of the latest ways we enjoy our burgers: protein style, jungle style, cheese, no cheese, no bun, with or without a side salad. It was no problem ordering my burger bun less on a nice Caesar salad with store-made dressing, though I think next time I would split a salad – I couldn’t finish it. Instead of croutons, the salad is garnished with taro root cut into “shoe strings”. Not sure how they are fried, but Burger Lounge does claim to use peanut oil, not soybean. They were tasty nonetheless.  If you don't see a particular burger style on the menu, it doesn't mean they don't make it. Just ask at the counter and they'll likely try to please you. And, just in case you're cutting back on your red-meat intake, I highly recommend the Turkey Burger — simply delish!

Burger Lounge now has five locations in San Diego: Hillcrest, Little Italy, La Jolla, Coronado and Kensington. Stop by and taste a healthier burger. Your taste buds (and probably your body) will be happy you did!

Disclosure: I received a gift card from Burger Lounge to try them out.

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