My New Post at The “Alice” On Display

Anxious teenagers don't have to wait much longer for “Alice in Wonderland.”

The anticipation for this film has been building among local youngsters since last summer when director Tim Burton and actor Johnny Depp surprised attendees in Hall H where the movie trailer debuted at Comic-Con in San Diego. However, discussions about the tight grip this motion picture has had on eager adolescents, including ours, have been going down the rabbit hole faster than Alice herself.

“Johnny Depp is my age. He's old enough to be your father!” remarks the over-protective dad to his little girl.

“Yeah, but he's way cooler and cute,” replies the entranced youngster who won't relent on her zeal for all things Depp.

It looks like the Disney-Burton collaboration has once again been able to captivate the pubescent moviegoing set with innovative formulas to please this finicky age group. For some fathers, it's probably unclear what a 14-year-old could possibly see in a middle-aged actor. 

Still, making the prickly chat between father and daughter about the “over-the-hill” star less likely to quickly fade away is the fact that  Disney-Burton-Depp endorsed movies seem to have an enigmatic harmless-yet-edgy appeal with teens. Depp's keen ability to adopt an infantile-like demeanor in his roles along with his mature and virile charm is an irresistible combination further fueling teen fantasies.

Bring together this versatile actor's talent with the innocence of a Lewis Carroll story brought to the big screen by the inimitable Tim Burton, and Disney has bottled the magic potion needed to bridge the generation gap — thus hexing brooding teens looking for burrows to disappear through in their angst-filled lives.

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