Christmas Spirit Overload

Though the Christmas spirit is high around our home, the chores related to making the season bright are dulling my inner lights of inspiration. I simply can't muster the energy to focus on a single task; be it making a list, shopping for presents, and much less wrapping them!

Am I turning into Mrs. Scrooge?

Secretly, I wish I were. Perhaps this would give me the excuse I need to just let the whole Merry Holiday happen in front of me, and allow me to enjoy it without participating in the harried preparations for it. I am mentally overwhelmed with card sending, tree trimming, house decorating, guest room conditioning, bathroom cleaning, food preparing, and doing it all with a smile.

I am now the 'last minute' shopper of which I accused my husband of being many times, and can not get energized enough to get a pretty box under the tree!

Perusing my old issues of Martha Stewart Living for inspiration (my secret role model for housekeeping), isn't helping either. I used to get every thing ready weeks ahead of time, even held a family house-lighting ceremony on December 1st when we'd light up the strings on the roof and siding holding Christmas-themed hot-chocolate mugs to indicate the Valle household's start to the season.

Complaining to my friend about this uninvolved feeling, she told me I'm suffering from a mental dump in which I've shut down the thoughts of getting my act together for these special days due to too much going on.

I agree.

My sons college apps. are taking up too much time, and we are all stressing way too much over the loss of control about his future whereabouts.

My daughter's friend drama and sports are far too emotionally demanding for me now.

Husband's job daily uncertainty is eating away at my rock solid support system.

And, Christmas is here and it's my turn to host the family gathering.


Is anyone else having this Christmas crisis?


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