HOMEDATAGUARD Online File System Offers FREE Memberships to Mamarazzi Readers!

How many of us have the organized work desk we see pictured in magazines? Mine is constantly crammed with stacks of files and too many In/Out boxes that never get emptied — I instead buy another tray in the newest color or design and stack it full of papers to be filed. How about those of you with a garage lined with file cabinets taking up space filled with infrequently to never-used files?

The answer to these common household dilemmas could be the HomeDataGuard Online File Cabinet.


This is how the San Diego company describes the web-based filing system:

“The HomeDataGuard™ Online File Cabinet is a secure easy-to-use online storage service which makes it SIMPLE and NON-TECHNICAL to protect and preserve your most important and personal information.  It’s as close to a physical file cabinet as you can get except it is on the Web, complete with drawers that roll open and tabbed folders.  

It makes disaster preparedness, travel preparedness and legacy management easy and accessible to the least technical people – everything is all in one place, there when and where you need it! 

HomeDataGuard is also establishing a network of HomeDataPro® service providers to service customers who need assistance with paper-based scanning and the digital filming of their possessions or inventory.

Please visit the site at www.HomeDataGuard.com to experience the very simple and easy user interface. “

If you live in a high risk area where tornados, fires, floods, earthquakes or hurricanes can wipe out any important documents in a matter of seconds, one less thing to worry about in these situations would be to dig through files in a hurry deciding what goes and what stays if it’s all safely stored in your cyber files.

I tried the HomeDataGuard system and found it convenient and worry-free. I’ll admit, I initially stumbled a bit with the directions, but after reading the short instructions carefully, I was set. I also found an added feature for those of us trying to go green; the cyber-files could help the environment by decreasing the amount of paper we have stored in filing cabinets. You’re probably already using the convenient paperless statements as I am. Why not ‘file’ them on-line, too.

Take a quick look at the video links for recent interviews on local news channels discussing this prouduct:




And, JUST FOR MY READERS, the makers of HomeDataGuard have a FREE one-year membership for you to try it out ($49.95 value). The first 20 get a full year of service free; #21 and over get a 30 day free trial membership. Simply write “I want one” in the comments with your e-mail on this post letting me know you’re interested in trying HomeDataGuard, and you'll get a complementary code to get you started!


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