Curse this Karma!

After moving along on cruise control for a considerable amount of time, the Karma gods decided to descend on our household with a vengeance: Illness, friend drama, hospital visits, and even termites decided to jump on this sinking ship! I'll share a few of these unfortunate events with you so I don't bum you out too much, and I'll save the friend drama for a later post.

The dreaded flu struck our teen in the middle of the night (why is this always so?) robbing us of the sleep and mental strength we'd need to tackle the rest of the problems lurking in the next few days for our cursed family. After Motrin laughed at the kid's high fever, we rushed him to the newly established Coronado Bay Urgent Care facility where the capable Dr. Sadiq administered a cocktail of drugs to help our sickly looking child. Blood shot eyes and pale green skin color required not one, but two IV bags plus an anti-nausea shot to help the poor thing regain control of his body. Two hours later, we came home with a bag full of miracle meds: Tami flu, Z-Pack and pills to hold back the retching reflex. I played nurse the rest of the week-end, and it wasn't as much fun as when I pretended to be one as a child.

A week ago Sunday, we were startled out of our slumber by the frightening sound of the telephone at 7 AM. It was mother telling me dad was in the hospital with excruciating pain. “It's his gallstones”, she said. He ate two racks of pork ribs the night before. This little pig-out landed him in the hospital for a week with an infected gallbladder and a future surgery on the calendar. He's back home now, taking antibiotics and waiting for the infection to subside before the doctors can remove the infected organ.

Earlier in the week, our long-time pest control company spotted termites in one of the outer parts of the house. Instead of tenting, we decided to go with Heat Treatment for a couple of reasons: more pet-friendy and less human inconvenience.

Wouldn't you go the pet-friendly termite-eradication route for this cute little pup too?

Moving all the furniture and electronics out of the rooms was required before the techs could pump in 160 degree heat for a steady six hours. “Ha, ha, ha, ha!”, laughed the little wood-eating pests when the blast of hot air hit our home. “Well be back!” they said as soon as the mess was cleared up. And they were. Two days later. Now what? I don't know, but the techs are as baffled as we are about the return of the bionic insects. I'll report on this as Lloyd's Pest Control fights the evil-doers 'till death!

So, what is a parent to say when the kids finally ask , “Why is everything going wrong?”

I just chalked it up to bad Karma, told them to be extra nice, and forge ahead.

What do you do when it all seems to be turning upside down?

Why not share your pointers with us…or beware of bad Karma hitting you too!


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