2010 Nissan Sedan Event

Spending a day kicking the tires at the Nissan Design America Center in La Jolla, California with automotive journalists, car bloggers, Nissan designers and executives reminded me of my younger days as a 16 year old when my father MADE me learn how to take care of my own car. This was not limited to washing and polishing or taking it to get the oil changed, and it was pre-AAA Platinum Memberships and Roadside Assistance programs commonly available today. Needless to say, I was one unhappy girly showing up at the auto shop in a skirt and lip gloss. But, after spending a day test-driving the new 2010 Line of Nissan Sedans, I found I had use for the car-speak I’d learned as a teenager after all.

The walk around started with the pleasing esthetic design of the Altima Hybrid. I must admit, I had not been in an eco-friendly vehicle before, and here’s an anecdote to prove it. Once belted and ready to go, my very charming driving partner, Cheryl-Ann Millsap who flew in from Spokane, WA for this evetnt, and I were the cause of a chuckle or two when after starting the car we couldn’t tell if it had stalled or if the engine was running. We could see the head of design’s concerned look as he approached our car, tapped on the window, and said, “It’s a Hybrid”.

Duh! Definitely, the ultimate ‘quiet ride’ because there were no audible sounds from the ‘engine’ what so ever.

Next, I took a spin in the Altima ‘Coupe’ (this particular model had subdued red leather appointed seating). I could picture this sporty car in my garage once the kids are gone and I can get my driving mojo back!

Later, I moved on to my favorite ride of the day, the Versa. This car’s performance was a welcomed surprise. It is compact, has quick acceleration and smooth gear transitions which were almost imperceptible. I also discovered ample storage and back-friendly seats. A good thing, especially for women who require more of these features due to the long hours spent driving family members to and from various activities. Versa must be short for versatility because this model would be my teenaged son’s favorite too.

The interiors were stylish and comfortable in the three models I drove. The Nissan vehicles had state-of-the-art safety features, USB ports, iPod connectivity, and in some models, Navigation Systems which would not normally be included and are now standard or available for much less than expected. One cool upcoming feature in Nissan cars will even let you know where those sly camera-enforced intersections are coming up. Sweet! (As my teen would claim)

With quiet, smooth rides, generously appointed interiors and many compartments to keep my lip stick available, if car-makers could come up with the perfect design for us women to be able to get decently in and out of a car in a skirt would be a real breakthrough!

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