Turning Japanese

Nissan, the Japanese automaker, invited me to spend one night at the W Hotel in downtown San Diego, California for the 2010 Full Line Sedan Media Preview event. I'll be test driving three of their latest sedan models: Altima, Sentra and Versa. The ride-and-drive program includes dinner with fellow media members and a day at Nissan Design America.

As a faithful American car driver, this driving extravaganza should be an eye opener for me since creature comforts are at the top of my list of car-owner perks – besides, I've never owned a foreign-made automobile, but I hear they're very reliable.

I'll check back with you to let you know how the new models stack-up on performance (a mommy mobile sure needs that zip when we're late to softball practice!), cup holders (never enough!), and technology (MP3, blue tooth equipped and sound system), today's teen-required features.


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