I watched “Julie and Julia” with my daughter on Sunday (the boys were next door at “Bastards” which my 17 year-old was watching for the third time), and it was pure delight for the senses! The movie presents the true parallel stories of Julia Child and Julie Powell, the latter a blogger in real life who GETS a life, literally, from challenging herself to cook the entire Julia Child “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” recipe book, 521 recipes in 365 days, and keeps a blog about her trials and tribulations while completing her project. This film is nothing short of delicious!

Julia Child Mastering The Art of French Cooking 1 & 2 by iloveupstate.

Since we just got back from Europe (I'll post about this soon!), watching a movie filmed in Paris was exactly what we were after to continue savoring our overseas experiences. Meryl Streep never disappoints, and delivers a memorable performance including the distinct voice of the iconic cook, the low pitched tone I remember hearing coming from the only TV set in my childhood home.

Amy Adams plays the up-to-now little-known Powell, who captivated her blog readers, back in 2005 when blogs were taking off as virtual diaries, with posts peppered with her life and cooking toils. Her blog followers grew by leaps and bounds, and caught the attention of the right reporter who did a feature on her for the New York Times. Julie Powell's blog was turned into a book, and now a movie.

A blogger's dream!

You can read about the Julie/Julia Project at Julie Powell's blog. She has a new blog now which is still active, and you can read her entries which are exactly like the ones portrayed in the movie: simple, real, daily and witty.

I give it        out of 5!

Go see the movie. And let me know if you come back home and cook Bruschetta … I did!

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